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How To Run An ABM Pilot Program

ABM And B2B Advertising

Right now, go to your email inbox. Look at the subject lines for email campaigns that you’re subscribed to or promotions that businesses have sent you. How many start with your name? Are you more likely to open them because it seems like they’re speaking directly to you?

That’s the power of personalization. B2C businesses use their marketing databases to personalize offers and promotions that they send en masse to their customers. B2B businesses can also harness the effectiveness of personalization through Account Based Marketing (ABM). Instead of having a marketing campaign that targets a wide audience, the ABM approach hones in on one business for you to market to. This requires building a strategy based on research and bringing your marketing and sales teams together in perfect harmony.

The effort of an entire marketing campaign focused on one prospect may seem like a lot of work with a lot of risk. But it’s not a gamble – it’s a carefully made decision that sees results. According to an ITSMA ABM survey, “84% of companies say ABM delivers higher ROI than for other types of marketing”. Not incorporating ABM into your overall marketing campaign could be a bigger risk to your business’s revenue in the future. Don’t worry – when you work with Macro’s ABM Pilot Program, you see less risk and more reward. By utilizing specialized marketing software, creating an ABM campaign becomes simpler and more intuitive.

Know Your Target Accounts

Like with any marketing campaign, you can’t go in blind. Use your data to dictate your strategy. The first-party customer data that you already have mixed with trusted third-party market data creates the infrastructure needed to find and define your target audience.

Use your data framework to organize potential targets into different fields. Is your prospect a large or small business? Do they already employ similar products or services that go along with what you’re offering? Segmenting targets allows you to tweak your strategy as needed from prospect to prospect.

Your data also leads to useful insights. Perhaps one prospect is more concerned with their overhead costs, while another values service. Now that you know this, the message you send to each prospect will be different.

As you can see, even in the beginning stages of ABM, we already have sales and marketing working together, collaborating over data to deliver the right message at the right time. Technology like Salesforce, which aligns marketing with sales, is a useful data-gathering tool at this stage.

Expand Your Strategy

Now that you know who you’re targeting, you need to further investigate your most valuable prospects’ needs. When prospects enter the buying stage, they put out little signals, like search engine queries or reviewing profiles of you and your competitors. Often times, a prospect wants to educate themselves on your industry before approaching any businesses. They may try to learn more about the subject matter through articles and signing up for webinars. By doing so, they leave behind breadcrumbs that your data-gathering tools can pick up and analyze.

Not only will you be notified as to which prospects are entering the buying stage, you can more clearly define their pain points and angle your ABM campaign to solve them. Coupling your data with a program like DemandBase also helps you to find the channels your prospect is most comfortable using and place personalized ads within them.

Measure Your ABM Impact

A key element to any ABM campaign is nurturing leads. Finding engagement rates like click-through rates (CTR) and impressions help you understand which prospects have received enough attention to continue to the closing stage, and which prospects require more care. This is where Engagio supports you. Engagio tracks how long a prospect engages with your marketing campaign and the sales team, giving insights related to where a prospect is on the sales pipeline.

Heighten Your ABM Campaign

Knowing the results of your ABM campaign allows you to judge if you need to scale your campaign up or out. Using content experience services like Uberflip might be a way for you to scale up your approach while still maintaining the personalized touch needed to connect with prospects.

The implementation of the right marketing technology and ABM expertise leads your business to speak with prospects one-to-one instead of one-to-all. Macro’s ABM Pilot Program combines tech proficiency with marketing savvy to deliver your business to your future clients.

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Flexible resources

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