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How to Convert B2B Leads?

A strong demand generation strategy converts your traffic into leads. This is accomplished through judicious use of an effective B2B website with relevant content, conversion optimization landing pages and engagement tactics.

B2B Website Design & Development

A powerful B2B website impacts your marketing in several ways:

  • Establishes yourself as the right solution vendor with strong logos, case studies and quotes from existing clients
  • Helps your prospects discover the needs they were not even aware of
  • Educates your prospects on how to buy and when is the right time to engage with you
  • Generates demand for your category
  • Captures leads through different forms with catchy calls-to-action
  • Speaks to different buying personas involved in the B2B buying cycle
  • Uses an educational Resource or Insights Center as opposed to simple blog posts

Macro B2B Web Design & Development services can help you put together a website which will set you in front of your competitors.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content is king. Creating a solid content strategy for your Buying Personas attracts the leads you need, and helps identify the right time to contact them. Even the content they download or search for is an indicator of their state of mind.

For instance, prospects who are not ready to buy ask:

  • “Why do I need this?”
  • “How do I solve my problem?”

For instance, prospects who are not ready to buy ask:

  • “Are you right for me?”
  • “How much does it cost?”
  • “What do other people think of you?”

Optimize Your Landing Pages for Conversion

Creating an effective landing page is a delicate balancing act. On the one hand, you want to collect as much information about your lead as possible so you know how best to segment them. On the other, you want to keep the customer experience as simple and painless as possible to maximize the chances of people actually completing the form. And you also need to craft an elegant and compelling message around the landing page’s subject matter.

Macro will train you on the best way to utilize marketing technologies and tools to create effective landing pages. We will also share best practices on how to incorporate landing pages into your sales process, how to develop the messaging necessary to create an effective conversion page, and decide on how many fields is appropriate for each form.


Engagement involves multiple channels, tactics and techniques. Marketo defines its Engagement Economy as a fundamental shift between the relationship between buyers and sellers, where sellers are now beholden to the needs of the buyer. The more engaging a brand experience is, the more customers will be drawn to it. The less engaging the experience, the more difficult it is to attract and retain customers.

Macro will help you build and improve your engagement strategy and process so that your brand can forge strong relationships with your prospects.

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