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A Different Take On Demand Generation

It All Starts With A Solid Demand Generation Strategy

The Macro engagement process will help you define and optimize your B2B demand generation strategy to target, attract, convert, nurture and close business. Our both strategic marketing consulting and marketing technology expertise will help realize your strategy. Firstly, we’ll work with you to understand your high-level marketing objectives. Secondly, Macro will define a strategy and an implementation plan. As a result, we’ll align these objectives with the necessary day-to-day activities and marketing tactics needed to achieve them.

Revenue: The Driving Force Of B2B Marketing

Your marketing strategy needs the ability to generate revenue for your business to survive. The challenge is how to take interest and turn it into an marketing qualified leads (MQLs) or marketing qualified accounts (MQAs) if you are implementing an Account Based Marketing (ABM) approach. Enter demand generation strategy, a way to connect customers to your business for the long haul. Content creation is at the heart of Demand Generation Strategy. Interactive content, email and webinars all play a part in nurturing long term relationships with customers.

Where Do You Want To Go?

Strategy definition is a technology agnostic process. Therefore, will be developed in an objective manner without consideration to any specific solution vendor. Once the strategy is defined, it is then time to determine which technology is best suited to realize these goals. In addition, any financial or other constraints which may exit have to be taken into account.

How Do You Get There?

From our experience with Demand Generation projects we believe that having an excellent marketing strategy means nothing if you don’t have the capability to realize it. This is why more and more organizations are turning to Macro to have a solid demand generation strategy established by working through the following steps:

What Powers Great Demand Generation Strategy?

Targeting Prospects or Accounts

All content creation and advertisement relies on two steps: First, create a message that resonates with your target. Then, place that message where your target will see it. This may sound simple, but is highly complex and involves a deep understanding of the target.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) helps in creating a face on target accounts as opposed to individuals . ABM takes the many traits of a targeted group and presents them as one target and one objective. This makes it easier to understand target trends and activities. Knowing your target is essential in crafting a message that will inspire them to take action and engage with your business.

Crafting an Effective B2B Website

In order to get customers to come to you, you need an informative B2B website. An easy to navigate website combined with a consistent marketing message which speaks to your buyers’ needs and pain points. When a customer wants to learn more about their pain points, they need to come across content that both educates and offers solutions.

A B2B website with clear explanations and easy navigation will keep your customer engaged. It’s then easier for you to convert that traffic into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) or Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQLs).

Bring Your MarTech Stack & CRM Together

It’s not just the front facing elements that require an investment. Behind-the-scenes, marketing technologies and Customer Relationship Management work together to align marketing and sales practices. These generate a higher success rate of sales. For example, branded content pulls customers through the sales process and cultivates a lead from a window-shopper to a paying customer. Sales and marketing should use the data from their custom MarTech Stack to constantly discuss ways of improving the process.

Crafting an Effective B2B Website

Increased revenue should be the singular goal of both sales and marketing. To do so, sales and marketing must work in tandem. Using marketing performance data and pipeline measurements, they will track the effectiveness of your strategy. Therefore actionable information will be provided to further tailor your sales & marketing tactics.

We Know MarTech

Modern marketing is more and more dependent on successfully using technology to execute demand generation strategy. Our background is technology; we are technical marketers who love to help organizations make the most out of solutions like Marketo,, Pardot, Act-On and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Macro provides strategic marketing consulting coupled with an expertise in MarTech to help achieve your high-level marketing goals. We work with you to provide a step-by-step plan with daily activities and marketing tactics to help you realize your success.

Flexible Resources

Flexible resources

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