Marketers are vastly different than techies. The disparity is so vast it usually feels like the two of them speak different languages. With advancement of digital technologies and all the big data available on the internet, there needs to be a bridge between the two worlds.

On one hand marketing people struggle to keep up with the digital world by using increasingly complex tools, while on the other hand the techies struggle building systems to match marketing needs they don’t fully comprehend.

The perfect mix of marketing and technology

experience is a match made in heaven. It’s seldom when you come across someone who can be good at both, so that is what we are providing.

It is the creative application of marketing technologies, such as email automation tools, that give marketers the power to reach wider and deeper into their target market. In order for such a campaign to be executed, marketers need a proper

database, automated distribution systems, segmentation, integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, comprehensible analytics and reporting.

At Macromator we are passionate about creatively using digital tools to solve marketing problems and give marketers the power to fully benefit from the latest technologies.