Big thanks goes to our friends at Act-On Software who published Dan Radu’s blog post on Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration. The timing is perfect, just before Microsoft Dynamics Convergence conference in New Orleans March 18–21.


Great new updates just came

out which will allow you to put the two systems

to better use. Those who are familiar with the technology will be happy to know that the entire Microsoft Dynamics CRM connector has been reengineered in native .NET technology. Dan Radu, our practice lead Marketing Automation Consultant says:

We are very excited about the new developments Act-On has made to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration. Several manual steps have now been automated, as my event registrations and white paper downloads from signup lists can easily be synched into the CRM marketing lists. We are pleased to improve the performance of the marketing automation systems for our clients running on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and look forward to many more updates from Act-On.

For more details be sure to read the blog post and reach out to us and see what marketing automation you could be taking advantage of with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Dan Radu, Principal Consultant and Founder at Macromator helps companies get better B2B results from their marketing technology and CRM investments. He is certified in several marketing automation and CRM systems and brings a valuable combination of both strategy and technical execution.

Dan Radu on Macromator.