Lead Scoring and Grading helps your sales team find and focus on the hottest leads most likely to buy. You can practice scoring your leads on both behaivoural and demographic (also known as firmographic) parameters to have the best understanding when someone is ready to engage with sales.

Marketing departments need to work in close collaboration with sales to understand what behaviours are good buying signals, what data is required from leads perform accurate scoring and when is a lead sales qualified?

When developing your Pardot Lead Grading, you will want your leads passed (from marketing to sales) to match your organization’s ideal consumer profile. When doing this, Macromator can set up an automatic evaluation that is based on criteria (to name a few) such as:

  • Industry – This will help to ensure that your company is only marketing to organizations that reside in one of your company’s targeted industries.
  • Location – Leads can be scored by location, should you choose to utilize a priority list that is base on geographical location.
  • Company Size – Eliminate the time-wasting efforts associated with the pursuit of leads that involve organizations that are either too small or too large to utilize your product(s).
  • Job Title – This way, you can ensure that you’re presenting your sales pitch to a decision-maker.

Pardot Lead Scoring, on the other hand, can be used with lead grading. This will ensure that the leads which are received by sales, from marketing, are the most qualified. Lead scores can be indicated by numerical values which can show how interested the prospect is, when it comes to product and/or service.

You can set up, what you consider to be the most “valuable” actions for a prospect, such as asking for a demonstration or asking about pricing. You can then construct your scoring that will indicate just how strong the prospect’s interest level is and how active they’ve been, within a certain time period.

A lead’s score can be influenced by:

  • The number of downloads that specify where the prospect is at, in respect to the buying cycle.
  • The number of pages that are viewed and which pages are viewed, that will indicate how engaged a prospect is with your site.
  • Website searches that will also indicate a prospect’s interests and priorities.
  • Email click-throughs also show what a prospect is interested in.

Why do companies use Macromator for Pardot Lead Scoring and Grading? Both marketing and sales departments turn to Macromator when they need help

  • Starting to use both behavioral and demographic lead scoring
  • Optimizing the current lead scoring to be more accurate for the sales process
  • Complex lead scoring and grading methodologies for different products lines and service offerings need to be put in place
  • Want to explore advance lead scoring techniques such as predictive analytics

What’s in it for you?

  • Lead scoring workshop & build
  • Advance lead scoring practices and examples
  • Alignment of both sales & marketing departments on lead scoring methodologies
  • Sales training on how to use lead scoring



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