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How we can help companies like you find the right talent

The perfect candidate has a mixture of technology know-how and marketing savvy. MarTech is only as effective as the people who manage it, and the wrong hire could grind lead generation to a halt.

While the number of businesses using MarTech is on the rise, the number of business providing on-the-job training for MarTech is not. Which means that you need to hire a digital marketer who already has knowledge of and proper certification for your unique marketing technology stack.

The Macro team already have knowledge in a variety of MarTech, and have built a network that includes top talent looking for work. When you’re looking to take on a new digital marketing technology hire, we can provide you with a candidate list carefully catered to your business and MarTech needs.

Ready to hire? Fill out the form on the bottom and we’ll work with you to find the ideal candidate.

Strategic Teams

Flexible resources for your needs

Dedicated Retainer

Our advisers help make your job easier on an ongoing basis. Adapting to your work style, we are a natural extension of your team for ongoing projects and campaigns. Use dedicated support for your marketing operations needs, so you’ll be able to focus on the larger marketing picture. Leave the details to us. Start your support now.


With this option, the length, scope and team for the assignment is as you request it. Use our resources to help speed up different projects and initiatives. Our highly skilled advisers come together to help you deliver your marketing objectives on time. See if this a fit for you.

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