The truth is very few marketing organizations are using their data to make strategic decisions. The data is most of the time generated in silos, is not usually clean and no relevant reporting is built. Making data-driven decisions is the key to succeeding as a modern marketing organizations.

Business intelligence can be built directly in your customer relationship management (CRM) system or you can take it to the next level of insights by using more advanced analytics platforms and data visualization tools.


What’s in it for Sales?

Using business intelligence your sales team can better understand what impact your marketing activities have on closed won opportunities. Your sales team can gain more insights into the interactions of your customers before engaging with your sales department. Your sales team will be further empowered to

  • Focus on the right leads
  • Convert more leads to customers
  • Become empowered by marketing tools and data
  • Complete activity history for relevant conversations
  • Recommend marketing campaigns


What’s in it for Marketing?

Using business intelligence your marketing team can more effectively execute marketing campaigns to deliver more sales qualified leads to your sales team. Your customer-buying journey can be better personalized. Your marketing team will be further empowered to

  • Measure marketing return on investment (ROI)
  • Focus the marketing budget on the most effective campaigns
  • Understand the lead sources generating the highest quality leads
  • Understand which marketing activates impact closed won opportunities

To build your marketing and sales business intelligence please contact Dan Radu, Principal Consultant at


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