Seal the deal and understand why it works. Its up to sales to perform the final step and close the deal, but that doesn’t mean they will be doing it unsupported.

Sales enablement

Your marketing automation software can help increase your close rate by providing effective and simple-to-use sales enablement email templates. These templates are available at the touch of a button, increasing a rep’s response time and reducing their workload now that they don’t have to write emails from scratch.

How can you develop sales enablement emails? Ask your sales team the following:

  • What is the most relevant marketing content for your leads?
  • What links do you like to share with your clients?
  • Which email templates do you find most effective?

Macromator can help you develop multiple email templates to cover a variety of situations so that your sales team is never caught flat-footed. We maximize both productivity and potential revenue all at once.

Marketing Analytics

What is your data telling you?

Your marketing automation tools create a lot of data, and you will be amazed by what you will discover.

Learn what Macromator can do to transform your organization into a data-driven organization.

  • Measurement of Campaign Effectiveness
  • Marketing Resource Management
  • Marketing Costs Tracking
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Tracking
  • First-Touch Attribution (FT)
  • Last-Touch Attribution (LT)
  • Multi-Touch Attribution (MT)

Macromator will open up these data streams so you can do a more thorough analysis of your marketing and sales process, apply the right changes, and drive a significant increase in revenue.

Learn more about our business intelligence and what you can achieve.

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