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Dan Radu

President & Founder

Dan, the Marketing & Technology trailblazer, founded Macro to help companies create magical customer experiences through the orchestration of technologies, people, processes, content and data.

Dan and the team at Macro continuously strive to enable companies to elevate their customer experience with sales and marketing technologies in order to help them deliver effective marketing operations services and strategies on a global scale.

He also helps B2B marketers become more data-driven to achieve better results from their marketing technologies and CRM tools. His sharp vision for the future of the industry, combined with his passion for technology, are what drive his desire to help his clients’ businesses succeed.

Dan is an experienced speaker and community organizer, presenting on topics such as B2B marketing technology, process improvement, and marketing in general. He’s been cited in several marketing automation publications and has received a number of industry awards.

Dan’s professional background includes B2B demand generation consulting for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and various international marketing roles in Europe and North America, as well as a degree from the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, where he studied both business and information technology.

In his spare time, Dan loves exploring the outdoors, keeping up with technology news, or traveling. Sometimes he sleeps.

Want to connect? You can add Dan on LinkedIn or join the MarTech Toronto Community.

Dan Radu, President and Founder, Macro

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Dan Radu speaks at industry conferences and trains organizations looking to enable themselves with marketing technologies. You can find out more about speaking engagements. He is a passionate B2B and marketing technologies speaker. His vision for the future of marketing combined with his passion for technology are the cornerstone foundations of the consultancy he founded.

Dan is available to speak on a variety of data-driven marketing topics including:

MarTech Topics:

  • Unlocking the power of your MarTech
  • How MarTech helps align sales and marketing
  • The road map to true marketing automation
  • Better B2B marketing powered by MarTech

Marketing Operations Topics:

  • How to run a global marketing operations machine
  • Planning your marketing programs
  • Developing your data-driven buying personas
  • The rise of the marketing technologist

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