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Imagine how much more successful your business would be at generating sales if you tracked down leads instead of waiting for leads to approach you. It may sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what Engagio does.

Engagio helps businesses maintain an ABM approach – focusing on marketing to big accounts rather than individual people. Instead of trying to lure in several leads with a single strategy to net all of them, Engagio allows your business to zero in on one account and generate a strategy catered to them using Engagio’s data gathering software. This strategy allows your business to approach clients instead of waiting for them to come to you.

In Synch

Since information about accounts is typically spread out, Macro uses Engagio to first collect and combine data from your MarTech, websites, corporate email and other sources, including tracking how much time prospects spend on your websites, emails, calls, and much more. From there, we identify which accounts your business would have the best opportunity to engage with.

Investigate The Right Approach

Engagio allows us to act on all gathered data as it’s coming in. We work with the program and you to create and run scenarios that stretch across your different departments. Depending on the results, we can tweak the strategy as needed until it’s ready to pursue a prospective account.

Every time you pursue a lead, you’re making an investment. Engagio allows you all the knowledge you need to make the best decisions possible. Macro helps you understand Engagio so you can get the best return on your investment.

Improve All Your Marketing Technologies

Engagio works well with your existing MarTech stack, or any additional MarTech you may want to add to it. Engagio synchs with the rest of your MarTech stack:

  • Marketo every night, taking in your leads, programs and any other noteworthy moments.
  • Synching with Pardot to gives us numbers on how others engaged with your website, emails, social media and events, including landing page visits, emails opened, video conversion and social post clicks.
  • When synching Engagio with Salesforce Enterprise, Unlimited and Performance, best practice is to have a dedicated Salesforce Engagio user. Macro can provide support or even train for a member of your staff to become that necessary user.
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Macro has been engaged with the redesigning of our Marketo/Salesforce integration this year. They were very creative in their approach to identify a solution and very consistent in their on-time delivery of the solution. We couldn’t have done it without the Macro team.

- By Rosalin, Sales & Marketing Director

We love how Macro provides a one-stop-shop for marketing strategy, design and CRM work necessary to make all of our demand generation initiatives work. Thank you guys!

- By Robert, CEO

It was great working with Dan and his team on marketing automation projects for our company. Dan helped us to set up and successfully migrate our entire B2B and B2C automated email programs along with our contact lists from Marketo to Act-On, and it’s been working flawless ever since. He was a brilliant trainer for everyone working with Marketo and Act-On!

- By Dasha, Marketing Manager

he expertise provided by Macro team cannot be easily matched by other marketing consulting companies. We had disappointing experience using several big names in the industry until we finally found Dan Radu and his team. They were able to quickly start the engagement with us and always anticipated our needs many steps in advance. Most importantly, instead of simply providing fly by consulting they diligently documented all the processes and helped with training and the change management required.

- By Tom, Demand Generation Director

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As a Bronze Solution Partner, Macro has access to extended benefits offered by the Solution Partner Program.

Macro was declared a winner for Best Professional Services during an awards ceremony for the SME National Business Awards.

Macro is a dedicated member of, and enjoys the benefits provided by the Canadian Marketing Association.

Macro is recognized as a Marketo Silver Partner, fully qualifying us to help you set up, integrate, and take advantage of the Marketo Engagement Platform.


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