The right question is not What is the Best Marketing Automation Solution? The right questions is What is the Best Marketing Automation Solution for You!  There are hundreds of tools in the marketing technology landscape and that numbered is growing very fast.

At Macromator we try to help our clients find the right marketing automation technology. Every case is special. It might seem that all solutions are made equal and could do the same thing, but they really don’t. There are subtle differences in functionality, integrations and whole ecosystem which put different vendors in different categories. When shopping around for a solution, marketing organizations often don’t do enough due diligence, so that is what we are trying to help with.

For entertainment value, please take a look at this infographic below developed in collaboration with our friends at UberFlip on how to speak marketing automation. Enjoy!


marketing automation glossary


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Dan Radu, Principal Consultant and Founder at Macromator helps companies get better B2B results from their marketing technology and CRM investments. He is certified in several marketing automation and CRM systems and brings a valuable combination of both strategy and technical execution.

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