Dan Radu, Principal Consultant

Dan Radu

Founder & Principal Consultant

Dan Radu is a strategic partner to Data-Driven Marketers who want to achieve better B2B results from marketing automation and CRM. He has been mentioned in several marketing automation publications and received various industry awards.

Dan is also a B2B marketing technologies speaker and community organizer. His vision for the future of marketing combined with his passion for technology are the cornerstone foundations of the consultancy.

Dan Radu’s professional background includes B2B demand generation consulting for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and various international marketing roles in Europe and North America. Dan is a graduate of the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, where he studied both business and information technology.

In his spare time, you will find Dan exploring the outdoors, keeping up with technology news or travelling the world.



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Dan Radu speaks at industry conferences and trains organizations looking to embark on marketing automation. You can find out more about speaking engagements.

Dan Radu - Founder & Principal Consultant

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