The growing landscape of marketing technologies and customer relationship management systems make it very hard for marketing executives to understand how to best use their technology stack. You do not need to be familiar with the ins-and-outs of the systems, but you must understand the strategies and capabilities that can help your organization become a modern marketing machine. That is what you will achieve with Macromator’s executive training.

Upon completing this training you will be empowered to become a better leader for your team. You will ask better questions, manage your technology more effectively and bring more value to your organization.

Topics covered by our training include:

  • Alignment of marketing campaigns with the sales process
  • Generating better leads using lead scoring and grading
  • The power of nurture and drip campaigns
  • Outlining the buyers journey
  • Understanding analytics to make sound decisions
  • Using third party application to help with your marketing automation system.
  • Evaluation of your marketing team’s capabilities and resources

Who should attend this training? The training is benefit professionals in the following roles:

  • Marketing Executives
  • Digital Marketing Managers
  • Content Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Communication Executives
  • Product Marketing Managers
  • Field Marketing Managers

For availability of training please contact Dan Radu, Principal Consultant at