Know who your customers are and how to pursue them. Planning your customer-focused marketing campaigns is the most critical phase for your successful marketing strategy rollout. This will answer all your important questions:

  • Who are your customers?
  • Which pain points they need help with?
  • Why do they buy from you?
  • Where are your customers gathering?
  • How do you meet them in the market place?
  • When should you engage with them?
  • What campaigns should attract them? What channels should you use? What content do they need?

Your marketing technologies already have a lot of your customer data; you just need to unlock it. Many companies simply collect data with no thought as to how to best utilize this in their sales process, or have mistaken ideas about which information is most valuable to their business.


The Macromator Campaign Planning workshop helps you create a plan to manage your marketing efforts throughout your fiscal year. The plan takes into account your customers, your tactics and the timing required to generate the most leads for your budget.


Once your plan is in place, we help you focus on the right customers by optimizing your marketing automation solution. We focus on what truly brings value to your unique business model. We accomplish this by highlighting the following key areas:


All prospects have characteristics that make them unique. By tracking these characteristics, your organization will be in a better position to segment your prospect list into groups based on similar traits. You can now:

  • Craft a unique message specific to each segment, which is more compelling and has a higher chance of attracting positive attention
  • Open up your list to lead scoring, which helps your sales team focus on high-value opportunities

But all of that depends on how you segment your prospects in the first place. You need to expand your thinking beyond simple demographics like Job title and Industry, and segment people based on more specific information that has an actual impact on your business.

Such segmentation include:

  • Verticals
  • Job Functions
  • Seniority Level
  • Pain points
  • And more!

Our Macromator consultant will help you discover the best way to segment your marketing database, and how to implement it within your marketing automation solution.

Data-Driven Buying Personas

Buying PersonasFar too many companies want to be everything to everyone. The hard truth of it is that there is no such thing.

Every business has a core set of ideal customers with whom they work best. They key to success is to identify the characteristics that make up these key buying personas and focus marketing and sales’ efforts on producing a message that speaks to people with similar traits.

These buying personas are and should be driven by the data you collect. Macromator will provide one-on-one consultation to craft these buying personas using the segmented data found in your marketing automation solution, and set up the profiles and lists accordingly within your software.

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