You don’t want to go date everyone who is interested in you. Similarly, not all leads are created equal. Your sales reps should only spend time on people who are most likely to buy your product. Fortunately, you can use your marketing automation software to develop a process that reliably produces marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs) on a regular basis.

Macromator’s proven system aligns with your marketing automation application to encourage deeper and more thorough qualification for your stages. The journey through the stages can be described like this:

Visitors → Inquiries → MQLs → SQLs → Won Opportunities

Forms and data acquisition converts casual Visitors into more interested Inquiries.

Buying personas and a segmentations help you identify which Inquiries deserve to be turned into Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

By employing behavioral tracking technology, you will be able to pick out which of these MQLs should be sent over to sales as Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). Your sales team loves qualified leads. They can much more easily turn these highly qualified leads into actual paying customers.



Macromator helps you set up the qualification criteria and the process necessary to maintain the quality and effectiveness of your CRM data. This improved lead grading increases the chance of closing the ideal customer, and also increases the number of ideal customers you will encounter.




Lead Nurture Campaigns

The modern buyer’s journey is not a straight line from start to finish. Not all MQLs convert into SQLs or paid customers immediately. Perhaps the lead is just doing research for a purchase further on down the road; or maybe they were just curious. Either way, a sale is not imminent.

Does that mean the end of the funnel?

Absolutely not. It’s up to you to maintain the relationship and educate them until they are ready to buy. Companies need to make themselves available in case the lead has other questions, and to stay top of mind for whenever the lead goes back into a buying mood.

That’s where marketing automation solution truly excels. With it, a company can maintain thousands of company-to-lead relationships at a time. This is accomplished through drip or nurturing campaigns, which are light-touch communications such as emails that contain helpful content about the lead’s indicated area of interest.

Macromator can help you with training on the best practices for setting up and maintaining these nurturing campaigns in your chosen marketing automation software. We ensure that you are able to use the product to its full potential and maximize the opportunities for fruitful long-term relationships with your qualified leads.

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