The 2019 SalesTech Landscape


Sell More and Faster With These Tools

Is there such a thing as the best sales technologies?     Our President and Founder, Dan Radu, answered this question during a webinar titled The 2019 SalesTech Landscape – Tools to help you Sell More, Faster. For the full webinar and the Q&A section, make sure you watch the recording. Read along for the write-up and learn how you can become more productive with the right balance of process and technology.  

The SalesTech Landscape

Sales Technologies have evolved into a very complex ecosystem that goes way beyond customer relationship management, with its number almost doubled. If used correctly, SalesTech can make it easier for your to sell and saves you and your team much valuable time. In 2018, we had 230 sales tech providers.  

Prospecting With LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be used for both prospect selling and account selling. A very useful feature of Sales Navigator is that you can use it to pre-define your buyer persona automatically through data-driven parameters. Price start at $65 / month  

Nurturing Prospects With SalesLoft

Not everybody you speak to is ready to buy. This is why you need to focus on lead nurturing - both for educating them and to keep yourself on top of their minds. With SalesLoft you can establish a sequence of e-mails or phone calls, to provide useful information to the prospect. It’s important to know, you’re giving further information on a topic the prospect already expressed interest in. The nurture steps’ can be a combination between e-mails or phone calls. Ask for pricing  

Keeping Your Sales Activities On Track With Sandler SalesAccountability

To achieve your annual quota, you need to keep track of your sales’ numbers every month. With Sandler SalesAccountability you can:

  • Keep existing clients happy
  • Attain new customers
  • Recapture lost opportunities
  • Expand relationships into existing businesses

You can do these by tracking on your desktop (or on a mobile device) all activities based on opportunity types you set on a weekly basis. This way you know how close you are to achieving your previously set scores. With this tool, you are working for a good year, instead of hoping for one. Price starts at $29 / user / month  

Setting Up-Front Contacts With Cirrus Insights

This was a game changer for us at Macro. It allows you, as a sales person, to maintain control throughout all the stages of the sales cycle with e-mail templates. Without this tool, the prospect would be in control, but Cirrus Insights demystifies a meeting with a prospect by:

  • Discussing the purpose of the meeting and the available time
  • Addressing your prospect’s agenda
  • Bringing up your agenda
  • Preparing both parties for the outcome of the meeting

This tool can be used in a small sales team, but Cirrus Insights also has options for larger companies and teams. Price starts at $27 / user / month  

Tracking Opportunities With Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM

No SalesTech presentation would be complete without a CRM tool. Salesforce allows you to track an opportunity in a sales process - for example you might be talking about pricing. The tool allows you to track a prospect’s objective and pain points. This makes the pain more visible and clear and you know what you can solve through your project. You can also see what kind of business you’re dealing with (a news business, and old client) and where the opportunity came from (which campaign brought these leads). Price starts at $25 / user / month  

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