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Marketo Lead Scoring Services

Lead scoring helps your sales team find and focus on the hottest leads most likely to buy. You can practice scoring your leads on both behavioral and demographic (also known as firmographic) parameters to have the best understanding when someone is ready to engage with sales.

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Marketo Implementation Services

If you need Marketo implementation partners, Macro can guide you in the right direction towards building a solid foundation for demand generation. We provide Marketo implementation services and consultance to help you get up and running fast and on the right track.

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Marketing Attribution Reporting

Your leads have converted – but how can you tell if the money that you’ve invested in marketing campaigns is paying off? It’s one thing to generate leads that convert, but diving deeper into this process reveal insights that boost the effectiveness and overall impact of your marketing dollars. So where can you start?

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Conversion Optimization

A strong demand generation strategy converts your traffic into leads. This is accomplished through judicious use of an effective B2B website with relevant content, conversion optimization landing pages and engagement tactics.

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Partner Marketing – Key Strategies

The truth is that Marketing Technology (MarTech) partnerships are seldom successful. Partnerships may start off with good intentions, but most of the time they result in one-sided relationships. Partner Marketing is necessary for success in the tech industry, but how do you navigate these relationships?

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