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How Marketing Operations can lead the change management

The adoption of Marketing Technologies (MarTech) including Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) such as Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot or Eloqua is transforming marketing organizations today. These marketing systems support a demand generation strategy or revenue marketing but making everything work requires a lot of change management effort.

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Pardot Engagement Studio Breakdown

As a Pardot Registered Partner, the Macro team had the privilege to take a sneak peek at what the new Pardot Engagement Studio can do. We are very excited to share our initial review and recommendations to our clients.

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Pardot and Salesforce Integration Limitations

Since the Salesforce acquisition of ExactTarget and Pardot in June 2013 there has been little improvement to how Pardot reads and uses a lot of your existing Salesforce data. Just because Pardot is a tab in your Salesforce Sales Cloud it doesn’t mean all data is coming over to be used in marketing automation, you still have to manage a separate database.

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Marketo and Infor Partnership

The big announcement last month was the partnership between Marketo and Infor but little information was made public. We are just one week away from the Marketo Summit, so I wanted to share some figures on Infor to all the fellow Marketo users and friends which will serve as a good background information.

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Marketing & Sales Alignment Kick-Off Panel

Macromator Marketing Operations (MOps) Agency, the Canadian-based, B2B Marketing Operations agency, announces today that its President and Founder, Dan Radu, will host a panel discussion How Marketing Leaders Buy in Toronto, in conjunction with Toronto Enterprise Sales Forum.

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Marketing Database Development Methodology

Most marketers have a list of contacts they work with and constantly try to understand and update. The list usually exists in an email tool which most likely doesn’t enforce any data integrity and has limitations such as number of fields, records and size.

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