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Toronto User Group Presentation

This presentation was initially delivered to the Toronto Marketo User Group in November 2015. You can read the summary of the presentation in this blog post then download the full SlideShare to see specific examples.

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The 2019 SalesTech Landscape

Is there such a thing as the best sales technologies? Our President and Founder, Dan Radu, answered this question during a webinar titled The 2019 SalesTech Landscape – Tools to help you Sell More, Faster.

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CMO’s Reporting Command Center

Reporting growth and demand generation is something few organizations are doing successfully. Without a process in place to measure and assess your campaigns, acquisition, and revenue, it’s hard to decide your future marketing investments and know how your marketing efforts are performing.

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Your Marketing Automation Platform Is Like a Ferrari

It would be a shame to spend a small fortune on an expensive car, only for it to sit in your garage, rarely used. This depressing story is something that happens to many modern organizations—except it’s not an expensive vehicle that they leave rusting in a garage, it’s their enterprise marketing automation platform (MAP)

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What Marketing Operations needs to know about Google Cloud

Today, more than ever, companies need to use many digital marketing tools, and a key piece of the puzzle is getting different tech platforms to ‘talk’ to one another. We can achieve this with middleware. Google Cloud Platform is a newer player to the middleware game, but it is easily one of the most affordable, balanced and powerful tools available in 2020.

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Marketo and Google Cloud Integration

One of our clients here at Macro is a major utility company in the United States. This is their story, challenges and the middleware solution Macro provided for them bringing together different data-points to send order confirmation emails.

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