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What is Lead Management

The B2B buying journey can vary. It’s seldom a straightforward process from start to finish. For many complex solutions and buying cycles, the path can be more complicated because it involves multiple decision makers and touch points.

Why should you focus your time and effort on leads that are not qualified? How can you identify who is a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) but not ready to buy? You should only pass leads that are ready to buy to your sales team.

Fortunately, you can leverage your marketing automation software to develop a process that is unique to your business objectives and goals – one that can qualify leads and move them down the funnel when they are sales ready.

How Can You Streamline Your Pipeline?

At Macro, we’ve developed a streamlined pipeline process that is proven and can align specifically with your B2B buyer. We’ve made sure that it can also be easily be implemented in your marketing automation application for deeper qualifications and lead management. Every business is different, but the consumer’s journey through the stages generally follows this sequence:

Someone has visited your website and explored your services but did not proceed further. They have developed an awareness of your company and its services.The visitor has filled out information on your website and has demonstrated a willingness to engage further.The visitor has proceed to providing contact information and/or has downloaded value added content like an e-book or a guide.They have graduated to participating in a demo, or has booked a meeting to set up and contract out your services.They have now made a purchase and have become a customer.

Your sales team loves qualified leads because they have a higher chance of turning into paying customers, but what happens next? Sales usually lives in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, so that is where SQLs need to be prioritized and turned into Opportunities. When you look into your CRM for the SQLs, what do you see?

Nurture Leads That Are Not Ready to Buy

Nurture campaigns are a great way for you to build long-term relationships with your leads throughout the customer journey.

Deploying a series of emails that are designed to provide your prospects with relevant information about your product or service is an effective way to keep them engaged.

With our assistance, you can find leads which need to be nurtured so you can develop an effective Nurture Campaign that targets those MQLs that are not ready to buy until they are sales ready.

Get in touch with us today. Learn how the experts at Macro can help you set up qualification criteria and the right process to keep the pipeline full for your sales team.

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