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We have rebranded to simplify the message

The new year brings change for everyone, and we’re no exception! In our mission to be the most effective marketing technology operations company, we have to stay on top of a dynamic marketing technology landscape, and we’re happy to announce we are now just Macro, a marketing & sales operations agency.  

We still provide the same quality service as Macromator, but as Macro, we’ve extended our world-class services to support both departments – Sales and Marketing. The concept of “macro” in marketing technology means to automate tasks for better efficiency – all starting from a single instruction. Our name may be shorter, but our company is bigger and able to handle more now. 

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With the name change comes a new look and feel for Macro. Our new logo reflects how we’re constantly improving to be more efficient in meeting our enterprise clients’ marketing and sales operational needs. We help both marketing and sales, because one can’t improve without the other. Digital marketing technologies need to empower companies, leading to better performance, efficiency and revenue.    

Our core has not changed

The new brand is now just a better representation of our practices, philosophies and believes:  

  • Marketing & sales operations have to be a streamlined process and a continuous feedback loop with one goal: Revenue
  • Technology shouldn’t be an impediment, it should be an enabler of business
  • Larger MarTech Stack doesn’t necessary mean better marketing

  We help companies become enabled by their digital marketing tools when they need an extra hand. We’ve always been focused on simplifying things for our clients, and a shorter name represents that. Macro is a team of professionals whose experience with tech like Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce, WordPress websites and Uberflip content hubs (just to name a few) has delivered better marketing and sales alignment to our clients Me to We, Torani, Upwork, SribbleLive and many more.   Whether you’ve used our help in the past or want to see what Macro can do for you in the future, feel free to shoot us a line as we celebrate more than six years as a global business!

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