Marketing Automation & CRM Trends and the Future of Marketing

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Marketing Automation and CRM systems are changing the marketing landscape. In this interview, Dan Radu, the Principal Consultant at Macromator Inc explains some of the trends and how technology impacts the profession. The application of customer relationship management software and sales disciple in a field like marketing is accelerating. It’s been called Modern Marketing, The Agency of the Future or New Era of Marketing but is basically just the use of information systems and data where none or little was used before. 

What is the latest evolution in marketing?

Chief Marketing Officers can now also have a different conversation with Chief Financial Officers about the impact of their department to the bottom line. The Return on Investment can now be tracked easier throughout the whole buyer journey. CMOs have large budgets to spend on such technology, almost the same Chief Information Officers.

This often happens without the IT department being involved from the beginning. Digital marketing becomes more and more dependent on these technologies, but marketing organizations lack the technical skills to properly implement and use such systems.

It becomes quite a problem at the enterprise level with large marketing operation departments, which need to execute campaigns, & programs on a daily basis with the ability to scale the operation across their different product lines and geographies.

What can technology enable you to do?

Technology is available and allows you to:  

  • – Create the one customer data nexus drawing the customer journey
  • – Implement lead scoring both demographic and behavioral – Measure Return on Investment (ROI)
  • – Align your Marketing with Sales  

Marketing departments need to use a different type of approach to put all this into practice drawing from agile methodologies, testing & revision cycles, and change management.

What are your thoughts on the future of marketing?

Consumers’ power is increasing; they will need more relevant & catered content at the right time to make the right buying decision. Integrated technology across multiple channels and systems is the current direction.  

I am a strong believer that proper marketing automation and use of CRM based on clean data, well defined processes, relevant content in a creative design can be a pleasure to interact with. A new breed of marketing technologies is evolving.

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