Marketing & Sales Alignment Kick-Off Panel

Macromator to host a panel discussion: How Marketing Leaders Buy on November 23, 2017  

Macromator Marketing Operations (MOps) Agency, the Canadian-based, B2B Marketing Operations agency's President and Founder, Dan Radu, hosted a panel discussion How Marketing Leaders Buy in Toronto, in conjunction with Toronto Enterprise Sales Forum.  

In the panel discussion, How Marketing Leaders Buy, Mr. Radu  joined executives from Salesforce, [24], League, Resolver, and Postbeyond. They'd discussed how marketing teams evaluate new digital marketing technology, make purchase decisions, build business cases, and allocate spend. In addition, panel participants shared specific insights and techniques to address frictions and streamline operations between their sales and marketing teams.  

In research conducted by Demand Gen Report in partnership with InsideView, 995 U.S.-based sales and marketing professionals were surveyed across several industries. Its research highlighted some gaps between marketing and sales teams. Of respondents, 49% highlighted a disconnect surrounding the communication between sales and marketing teams, specifically around converting leads, and the levers impacting performance and close rates. Forty-two percent specified that broken processes is a barrier when collaborating on pipeline activity. And 40% commented that disconnected metrics between sales and marketing teams, contributed to a misaligned force. 

"The event is the beginning of our Marketing and Sales Alignment series, designed to help leaders specifically address the challenges we found in the marketplace," said Mr. Radu. "Our panel members are laser-focused on revenues as common goal of their sales and marketing operational teams. Join us to learn further insights as to how marketing and sales teams can improve their relationship, and increase productivity while reducing costs."  

Our panel members are laser-focused on revenues as common goal of their sales and marketing operational teams.  

Dan Radu, Panel Host

WHAT: “How Marketing Leaders Buy” Panel Discussion  

WHERE: Top Hat, 151 Bloor Street West, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, November 23, 2017, 6 - 8:30pm  


About Macro B2B Marketing Operations (MOps) Agency

The agency is helping its clients run sales and marketing operations on a global scale. Macromator Marketing Operations (MOps) Agency provides expert consulting for B2B strategy and enables companies with marketing technologies (MarTech) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

About Dan Radu:

Dan Radu is a strategic partner to data-driven marketers who want to achieve better B2B results from marketing automation and CRM. He has been mentioned in several marketing automation publications and received various industry awards.

You can find out more information about Macro's leadership right here.  

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