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Focus Only On Surefire Leads

How Lead Scoring Works

Lead scoring helps your sales team find and focus on the hottest leads most likely to buy. You can practice scoring your leads on both behavioral and demographic (also known as firmographic) parameters to have the best understanding when someone is ready to engage with sales.

Marketing departments need to work in close collaboration with sales to understand what behavior are good buying signals, what data is required from leads perform accurate scoring and when is a lead sales qualified?

When Do Companies Use Macro For Lead Scoring?

Both marketing and sales departments turn to Macro when they need help

  • Starting to use both behavioral and demographic lead scoring
  • Learning how to set up lead generation scoring
  • Optimizing the current lead scoring to be more accurate for the sales process
  • Complex lead scoring guide and grading methodologies for different products lines and service offerings need to be put in place
  • Want to explore advance lead scoring techniques such as predictive analytics

What’s In It For You?

Companies turn to Macro for:

  • Lead scoring workshop & build
  • Lead scoring best practices
  • Advance lead scoring practices and examples
  • Alignment of both sales & marketing departments on lead scoring methodologies
  • Sales training on how to use lead scoring

How We Work

As part of our mission to make life easier and elevate your customer experience, Macro offers dedicated and project based resources that fill your capacity gaps, alleviate your workload, and help you deliver projects on time.

Dedicated Resources

Macro offers dedicated resources to help your team get their projects done on time. When you’re experiencing capacity gaps and looking to fill them, we have you covered. Our specialists examine your needs, and direct the appropriate expertise to help you reach your objectives.


Sometimes your capacity needs might be temporary and project-based. Macro offers resources on a per-project basis to help you finish your work, quicker. When your workload for a particular project is too much to handle and you’re worried about delivering on time, this is a good option.

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