Pardot Global Roll Out

Pardot Global Roll Out

How to use Pardot at a global scale

The Best Marketing Team

Want to go internationally with your marketing strategy? Does your global enterprise need to localize its customer engagement? Servicing the global market place with targeted communications is a complex but rewarding initiative. It usually requires the input of teams in different countries. Macro can help your organization use your Pardot marketing automation in combination with your CRM system on a global scale.

For example your campaign has to be executed in the local language with the correct currency from the designated regional sales rep with the accurate localized contact information. How much more engaging would that be? That is just an example of what you can do.

Why do companies come to Macro to rollout an international marketing strategy?

Global enterprises running marketing operations come to Macro when:

  • Confusion occurs regarding over how Pardot can be used in the context of a global organization as opposed to just the home geography
  • Problems come up with a simultaneous roll out of global campaigns in different geographies. This is especially true when trying to expand into new international locations
  • Misunderstandings occur related to different country communication customs, cultures and email marketing legislation
  • Not enough resources are available in all the required time zones to execute campaigns
  • Cannot understand how to target the right person in the right country with the appropriate language and contact information

What It’s In It For You?

  • Assisting your company with creating a plan to execute your global rollout in its entirety
  • Localization services and global services, which will preemptively address local and global issues, before they occur.
  • An experienced focus on International perceptions, so that there will be no communication-related “surprises” or unnecessary language hurdles.
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