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Pardot Implementation & Training Services

Start Your Marketing Automation Faster and Hassle Free

If you are ready to start with Pardot to generate, nurture and close leads, then we can quickly get you up and running hassle-free.

Our Pardot implementation services start at only $2,000 and ensures that you have the technical setup required and that your team is trained in Pardot to be self sufficient. You will work with our certified Pardot consultants.

What’s In It For You?

Beyond just technical set-up, you will benefit from:

  • Marketing + Salesforce Consulting
  • Improvements to your lead generation process
  • Training for your initial campaign
  • A wealth of marketing automation experience

How Can You Improve Your Pardot Marketing Automation?

Learn what our Pardot consultants can do for you. Beyond just the basic set-up, implementation and integration with Salesforce, there are many ways you can streamline your marketing automation.

Want to Learn Pardot? Join Our Pardot Training Workshop

Macro offers a Pardot Training Workshops if you need to learn aboutlead generation and marketing automation practices.

Pardot training can range from simple tasks such as editing emails and landing pages, to building complex reports and much more. Our workshops are designed to help marketing teams gain a better understanding of how Pardot works and enable teams to increase their Pardot skill sets.

Pardot Custom Solutions and Integrations

Going beyond the quick start, a custom Pardot installation can also be tailored to your specific needs. If you are migrating from an another marketing automation platform to Pardot, then you will need to move over all the assets and processes that are already set up.

CRM Services

Furthermore, we offer complementary expertise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that are a part of Marketo integration. We work with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to ensure marketing operations stay aligned with your sales process. Macro can offer support in:

  • Tracking lead generation sources
  • Tracking your pipeline and marketing stages
  • Defining your data-driven buying personas
  • Managing your marketing activities and campaigns
  • Creating marketing reports and dashboards to track ROI
  • Improving your handover of leads to your sales
  • Assigning your new leads generated to the correct sales rep

How We Work

As part of our mission to make life easier and elevate your customer experience, Macro offers dedicated and project based resources that fill your capacity gaps, alleviate your workload, and help you deliver projects on time.

Dedicated Resources

Macro offers dedicated resources to help your team get their projects done on time. When you’re experiencing capacity gaps and looking to fill them, we have you covered. Our specialists examine your needs, and direct the appropriate expertise to help you reach your objectives.


Sometimes your capacity needs might be temporary and project-based. Macro offers resources on a per-project basis to help you finish your work, quicker. When your workload for a particular project is too much to handle and you’re worried about delivering on time, this is a good option.

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