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Run Cost-Effective Campaigns in Pardot

Pardot Extra Hands & Brains

Focus your time on strategy and planning, while the Macro Agency Team of experts produces, manages, deploys and monitors your Pardot campaigns for maximum impact.

You can secure ongoing Pardot concierge support for:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Webinar Series
  • Events and Tradeshow Campaigns
  • Content Marketing Pieces

The Macro team is your strategic partner helping you become more efficient in running your Marketing Operations in Pardot. Our experts will give you an extra hand with your monthly Pardot marketing operations. We help large enterprises with the process to establish and run campaigns in your Pardot lead generation machine.

Train Your Team in Pardot

With our help, you can establish a center of excellence and train your internal Pardot marketing automation managers to deliver value to your company. Your marketing department will gain much more value within the whole organization.

Review / Simplify / Improve Your Pardot Instance

Get the most value from your Pardot with our expert help. We provide Certified Pardot Administrators who understand what you are going through and can assist you.

Monthly Campaign Execution

Focus on what you do best and leave the Pardot details to us. Our experts handle Pardot integration, migration, campaign management and execution for multiple large enterprises. We can help you too. Let us become a natural extension of your team for campaign operations. You will ensure flawless tactical execution and process control in your Pardot instance.

What’s in it for you?

Working with Macro you will:

  • Expand your marketing operations capacity
  • Cover your operations and campaign execution during employees turnover
  • Evolve your Pardot marketing automation machine

You will advance to the next level of marketing maturity using Pardot marketing automation to its full potential. Get in touch now with Macro Agency Experts to see better results right away.

CRM Services

Macro also offers the complementary expertise in Salesforce integrated with Pardot to ensure marketing operations stay aligned with your sales process. Read More.

  • Track lead generation sources
  • Track your pipeline and marketing stages
  • Define your data-driven buying personas
  • Manage your marketing activities and campaigns
  • Create marketing reports and dashboards to track ROI
  • Improve your handover of leads to your sales
  • Assign your new leads generated to the correct sales rep
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