Using Zift for Lead Management

ZiftONE uses automation and rulesets to help speed up, organize, and properly route leads within complex partner marketing organizations. It is like ‘air traffic control’ for leads.

As a Vendor, you may have dozens or even hundred of partners, all of whom approach lead generation in different ways. Proper nurturing of leads can suffer if the lead gets lost in disorganization or inadvertent competition.

How Zift Generates Leads

There are many different ways that your team might generate a lead.

  • Manually. A salesperson meets someone in person and enters their contact information to a CRM.
  • Through a landing page. A prospect wants to see a partner’s whitepaper, and submits their contact information onto a webform.
  • Via email. Someone wants to learn more about your services and sends an email to an address they find online.
  • Via an existing client. One of your sales reps identifies a new need with an existing customer and updates their profile in a CRM.
  • Via automated systems. Zift rulesets see that a person has viewed a product page multiple times and attended a few webinars in the past. Their lead score is updated.

There are many more ways a lead could be generated. Zift keeps track of all these lead sources so you can tell which processes are most effective.

Monthly Highlights
Monthly Highlights

How ZiftONE Shows Lead Scoring

Zift can also assign a lead score to each lead. The higher the score, the more likely the lead is to convert to a customer. The score is based on criteria such as email opens and clicks, landing page views and clicks and form submissions. You can customize these criteria, or you can use a ZiftONE preset.

ZiftZone Lead Search
ZiftZone Lead Search

How to Nurture Leads with ZiftONE

ZiftONE can also automate certain processes for each lead. For example, leads with a very high lead score and certain potential value may go directly to top salespeople. Other leads could instead be added to pre-crafted email drip campaigns.

Campaign Demo
Campaign Demo

Find Your Leads in Zift

There are three places to see lead information.

You can view the original contact information submitted with a lead by following the steps below:

  1. From Contacts, select the contact/lead name.
  2. Scroll down to see the Leads for this Contact section.
  3. Click the lead to see the full details including timeline, lead score, and activity.
ZiftZone Contacts
ZiftZone Contacts

Measuring Campaign Performance

A key metric for many campaigns is the ability to generate leads.

Using lead scoring and sourcing, you can get deeper insights about campaign performance. You can see which

  • Campaigns provided the high quality leads
  • Partners provided the most (or best) leads
  • Campaigns historically generated leads that ended up converting to sales

To view campaign lead data in Zift:

  • Go to the Marketing Portal
  • Click on My Campaigns
ZiftZone Zift Solutions Partnership
ZiftZone Zift Solutions Partnership

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