How to Use Zift for Partner Events

Online events and webinars have been key marketing channels part of a modern strategy.

ZiftONE’s Virtual Event Campaigns are used to maximize the value of these events by:

  • Making it easier to send and manage co-branded invites
  • Capturing important event data
  • Help channel partners develop leads with vendor-hosted events
  • Allow partners to host their own events, using vendor provided material

Webinar Platforms Available for Integration

This ZiftONE feature currently supports Zoom and Webex for events. You must be using Zoom Pro or higher plan to integrate your webinars with ZiftONE.

Account Type Zoom Pro
Zoom Pro Account Type

Getting Started with Virtual Event Campaigns

Step one: Create a webinar in your Zoom/Webex account.

You must use Zoom Pro (or higher) for this to work with ZiftONE Virtual Events. You will need the Webinar add-on in your Zoom account to support Zoom Webinars. If using Webex, the requirements are similar.

Your webinar must:

  • Require registrations
  • Use a future date

Your webinar cannot be a recurring webinar.

Step two: Activate the Zoom/Webex integration in ZiftONE

In the ZiftONE admin panel, click the gear icon and select ‘Integrations.’

In the top right-hand corner, click the ‘Create Integration’ button and select ‘Zoom.’

A pop up window will appear. Follow its instructions to authenticate to your Zoom account. Upon success, your integration will be complete.

You’re now ready to set up Virtual Event Campaigns!

ZiftONE Zoom Integration
ZiftONE Zoom Integration

Step three: Activate a Partner-Hosted Virtual Event Campaign

If you’re a partner and your vendor has set up a virtual event campaign, here’s how to activate it:

  1. In the Partner Portal, navigate to Virtual Event Center or Campaigns.
  2. On the left-hand sidebar, filter Event Type or Campaign Type by Partner-Hosted Event to find the desired event campaign.
  3. Click Details to select the event campaign you wish to use.
  4. You will be led to the campaign details page. In the campaign, you should see an Email, a Workflow, a Web Plugin, and any additional Marketing Activities & Reference Materials provided by your vendor.
  5. On the campaign details page, you should see a dropdown under External Event. Click the dropdown and select the webinar you created in Zoom or Webex for this campaign. For future access, you will be able to locate this activated campaign under My Campaigns.
  6. Click Continue to activate the campaign.
  7. Personalize all the Marketing Activities included in the campaign (see below).

Personalizing Marketing Activities

Complete each page of the campaign wizard by clicking into each Marketing Activity to review and personalize. Click Save and Next to finalize the personalization on each Marketing Activity. Optional: You may want to capture the sharable link for a web plugin or email.

When personalizing the Email included in the campaign, please note:

  • This email will be used to invite your contacts to your Partner-Hosted Event. Use the Recipients tab to add your contact lists or individual contacts to the email.
  • This email is connected to the Web Plugin included in the Partner-Hosted Event campaign.

To personalize the Workflow, click on the title of the Workflow within the event campaign. On the Workflow’s Activity dashboard, click Edit.

Review your information and click Save and Next on each step to complete the personalization for the workflow.

Select each email that you will use.

Click Save for all emails.

You will see a checkbox next to the email name when it is saved.

Once they have all been saved, the Save and Next button will be enabled to continue editing.

While on the Participants step, set the Rule on the workflow to Action > Event Registration > Is > choose the associated Microsite from the dropdown.

Choose the web plugin included in the event campaign and is provided by the Vendor. This web plugin is connected to the email included in the event campaign and will be used to obtain registrations for your Partner-Hosted Event via Zoom or Webex.

Virtual Event Workflow
Virtual Event Workflow

Click Save and Next.

Click Start Workflow to activate the workflow.

And you’re done!

Help Channel Partners Develop Leads

With Vendor-Hosted Event Campaigns, you create an event, then allow your channel partners to invite their contacts to attend.

This is all easily managed through the ZiftONE Partner Portal.

You will be able to see which partners generated the most registrations, and which partners’ registrations attended the event.

ZiftONE Partner Portal
ZiftONE Partner Portal

How to Build a Zift Webinar Campaign

You can create rules for who to send to, and when. Invites will all have the same look and feel, as they are managed from a master template determined by the vendor. Co-branding options are available and simple to implement as well.

People who are registered will automatically be sent details about video conferencing software before the event. You can also add your registrants to automated email campaigns to help drum up excitement, remind them to attend, etc.

  • Registrations will appear in the video conferencing account as registrations against the event or webinar.
  • Registrations will pull into the workflow based on the ruleset.
  • Registrations will begin to appear on your Campaign’s Lead and About tabs.
  • Registrants will receive emails from the video conferencing software after the events

Zift Virtual Event Reporting

After the event is finished, ZiftONE Virtual Events will tell you who actually attended. This data will be added to the person’s profile. You or your partners can use this information for future use in generating leads, lead scoring, segmentation, follow-up, etc.

After the event has passed, you’ll need to wait 15 minutes for ZiftONE to pull from the API and determine who attended the event. 

To see and managed post-event data, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to My Campaigns
  2. Filter Campaign Type by Partner Hosted Event
  3. Select the Campaign
  4. Click Leads in the left navigation
  5. In the All Events drop-down filter, click Event

You’ll see the names and email addresses of the people that attended the event.

Click into one of the Leads, scroll down to the Lead's timeline to see the Event Attendance.

Based on whether or not a registrant attended the event, the workflow sends a ‘Thank You for Coming’ or ‘Sorry We Missed You’ email to the registrants.

Event Reporting
Event Reporting
Event Reporting - All Events
Event Reporting - All Events

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