ZiftONE Product Updates - May 2022

ZiftONE released several new and updated features part of the May Release 

The channel marketing platform already boasts a comprehensive suite of partner and channel marketing tools, so we were thrilled to learn that more had been added.

New Feature: Co-Brandable Videos

Videos are powerful ways to differentiate and generate leads. Vendors could always create videos and distribute them to partners, but now ZiftONE has enabled a co-branding feature. Partners are able to add their logo to vendor videos, with full control over its position and opacity.

How vendors to access co-brandable videos:

You can find video options in the multimedia menu of the “Partner Marketing” tab.  If you choose “New Video Asset” from the “Create New” menu, a new screen will have options for uploading a video. 

You can:

  1. Enter a name for the video
  2. Enter a description

Additional configuration options include:

  • Decide which partner groups to share the video with
  • Add a thumbnail
  • Determine the default logo placement (partners can change this)

How Partners can access co-brandable videos:

Partners can find co-brandable videos in the “Collateral Library” section of a partner portal. From there, they will find options for uploading their own logo, deciding the placement, and changing the opacity.

See the official release article from ZiftONE.

Update: Drag and Drop Functionality to Build Partner-Facing Messages

Internal communication can be just as critical as the message you send to the masses. Now you can easily create emails to your partners and add pop-messages in your portal with the new drag and drop functionality. 

This feature can be found in the Partner Management menu.

The email message system is multimedia, supporting images, content blocks, and more. These internal emails have a default template that displays the Vendor logo and footer (fully editable).

Pop-up size can be controlled, and also supports videos and images.

These messages (pop-up and email) can be filtered to specific partner groups for full control of communication flow.

See the official release article from ZiftONE.

Update: Social Media Administration

Vendors can streamline messaging and build brand consistency by posting content directly to a partner’s social media channels. ZiftONE has overhauled how this works behind the scenes, adding many requested and useful features.

  • New post scheduler. The visual editor for creating new social posts has been made easier to use. Full support for videos and multiple photos included!
  • Weekly scheduler and calendar. Many social media campaigns live and die by the content calendar. This new scheduler and calendar view lay out posts by month and by week. Tag filters help further organize the content, helping Vendors identify gaps in coverage and areas of opportunity.
  • Social analytics dashboard. See top performing partners and social posts, or break down messages by platform. You can examine your reach, top 10 posts, followers counts, and more. Access to this information is critical for optimizing social campaigns across any number of partners.
  • Connect personal and company accounts. ZiftONE supports both organizational and individual social accounts, allowing Vendors to run channel marketing campaigns through a wide variety of partners: from large resellers to trendy influencers.

See the official release article from ZiftONE.


Macro & Zift Strategic Alliance

Zift selected Macro as a strategic alliance partner in 2021. Macro is a global team of channel marketing specialists. Companies we work with have extensive networks of partners drawing multi-million-dollar deals. They need a trusted digital marketing partner with extensive capabilities in campaign planning, content, design and marketing tech expertise.   






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