ZiftONE product updates - Sep 2022

ZiftONE already boasts a comprehensive suite of partner and channel marketing tools, so we were thrilled to learn that more had been added. 

Contact us to learn how our team of partner marketing experts can help you leverage these and other platform features to enhance your partner experience. 

4 new features that you might want to check out:

1. Portal post

The ZiftONE platform already enables vendors with to-partner communication features, such as the ability to send email communications to their partners and pop-up messages. This is really good for promotions and announcements. 

The new functionality will make it even easier for partners to know what’s going on at your company. Portal posts allows vendors to dynamically publish content and updates to the partner portal pages. For example, if you have a company blog post or an event that you would like to share on your partner portal, you can add that as a widget to the portal homepage or to a custom page. 

You can tailor the look and feel of your news feed by choosing one of the four different styles available to display your posts. Best of all, you can set an end date for each post and use filters, so that partners only see what’s relevant for them. 

Here is one example of what a portal post page looks like: 

See the official release article from ZiftONE.

2. Promote campaigns and marketing activities

You can now promote campaigns and marketing activities by pinning them to the top of the Browse Campaigns, Emails, Web Plugins, and Collateral pages and for Custom activities in the partner portal.

This will help you highlight campaigns and marketing activities and increase partner adoption of new or relevant content.

Here is one example of what a promoted campaign looks like in the partner portal:

3. Bulk Update for Collateral & Marketing Activities

It is now easier to manage assets attributes on Collateral Library items and on Marketing activities. Instead of having to manually update tags, partner filters, dates, and statuses one-by-one, you can now perform these operations against multiple assets at once and save a tremendous amount of time.

4. Partner support contact options

The partner portal, by default, includes links to the ZiftONE Support team and to the ZiftONE Partner Academy. Find these through the Help icon on the top right-hand corner of the partner portal navigation.

The update allows you to offer an additional support channel to your partners through the Support Ticket Form. This can be added to any page of your portal. You can configure it to go to the Zift team directly or someone in-house. For example, if you provide concierge services to your partners, you can offer an elevated level of support and improve their overall experience.

Choosing Macro as a ZiftONE implementation partner

Tinkering with all these configurations and optimizing your rollout is what we love to do. Macro is a ZiftONE Strategic Partner, with deep expertise in managing multinational channel marketing programs. If you need extra hands and brains to help with your ZiftONE strategy, rollout, or execution, we’d love to chat.

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