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Let The ZINFI Partner Marketing Experts Help You

ZINFI Concierge Services

Along with training your partners, Macro can work with them to alleviate their workload and help fulfill some of their responsibilities. For example, our ZINFI specialists can take care of launching campaigns for partners, freeing up resources and time. Our skilled team acts as your extended channel marketing manager, helping with:

  • Ongoing campaign execution and reporting
  • Lead management and follow up
  • The empowerment of partners with web syndication content
  • Global Campaigns and Translation
  • Running social media campaigns

ZINFI Training For Your Partners

Enable Your Partners – Our ZINFI specialists stand ready to help your partners gain the technical and strategic expertise to navigate and utilize the partner marketing automation platform to its full potential.

Our team will be there to guide and assist your partners in everything from how to launch a B2B marketing campaign to how to submit a business plan. We can train your channel partners how to:

  • Launch B2B marketing campaigns
  • Understand the results from Joint Campaigns
  • Work on Joint Business Plans
  • Administer Deal Registration

Integrate ZINFI In Your Partner Marketing Technology Stack

Bringing ZINFI’s solutions into your Marketing Technology Stack can help you achieve stronger relationships with your channel, execute more effective B2B campaigns, and enable your marketing partners.

Developing, running, and measuring B2B campaigns through ZINFI still takes technical and business skills. That’s where Macro comes in. We ensure you have the necessary resources to execute your programs efficiently and on time.

Market Development Funds Management (MDF)

We know that it can be challenging for partners to submit applications for Market Development Funds. That’s why Macro has developed a plan to make it easier for partners to apply and follow through. Our team will be there to manage the process from end to end, making sure partners have the assistance they need to submit their plans. We help you:

  • Manage your partner MDF requests and claims
  • Manage leads from MDF activities

Trend Analysis

You may be confronted with a mountain of data gathered over time and are asking yourself, how the results changed year after year? Comparing trends year after year or quarter after quarter can provide different insights where to invest your marketing dollars.

Leverage The Power Of Partner Marketing Automation

Whether your firm needs assistance migrating over to ZINFI or leveraging the full power of the platform to achieve your Partner Marketing objectives, you’ve come to the right place. At Macro, we help your firm realize the full potential of what ZINFI can do to help advance and reach your business goals.

Optimize Your Partner Business Plan

We help your partner create a business plan by walking them through the process. This includes making sure the requirements are met as well as verifying the plan and supporting documents. Before everything is said and done, Macro’s team ensures the plan is aligned to the partner’s target.

Let’s Get Started Together

Whether your firm is looking to build a partner marketing strategy with ZINFI from the ground up, manage current campaigns, migrate to ZINFI, or train your team, our on-going concierge service can help you succeed.

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