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Empowering organizations of different sizes to create digital customer experiences with the right marketing automation tools and operations process.

Who We Are

Macro is a team of global experts in digital demand generation, MarTech, and Data Operations. Global companies come to us to support their growth and operations.

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How We Do It

Companies we work with use different services

MarTech & CRM Integration
MarTech & CRM Consulting
Marketing Technologies (MarTech) often fail to deliver on their promises. We help review, simplify and improve your digital technology stack. There are many tools we work with to help you make data-driven decisions for your business.
Channel Marketing Strategies
Partner Marketing
Macro can help you elevate your partner marketing strategy and execution tactics by helping you manage incentive programs, execute campaigns, and streamline the distribution of Market Development Funds (MDF).
Marketing Operations Support
Marketing Programs & Campaigns
Extra hands & brains for your campaigns & marketing operations. We are very flexible in how we work. All clients are unique, if you need a review for your lead nurturing strategy we got that as well.
Demand Generation Strategies
Demand Generation Strategy
With our training services – you'll be learning from the best. Whether you want to gain insights into executive management strategies or learn more about marketing technologies, our team has you covered.
Dan Radu Macromator

Dan Radu

President & Founder

The Marketing & Technology Guy

With a unique experience, Dan is a trusted advisor for companies looking to make better data-driven sales & marketing decisions.