Partners to Global Marketing Teams

Scale with a natural extension of your team


B2B Digital Partner of Reference for Global Marketing Teams

Servicing Mid-Size & Enterprises Tech is Our Mission!

Macro is a team of global experts in digital marketing, MarTech, and CRM. Global marketing teams come to us to accelerate their growth and scale their operations.

Grow: Increase revenue and scale your supporting digital operations
Align: Streamlined process between different teams
Better CX: Improved customer experiences powered by digital tech
Economical: Use global resources

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Dan Radu Macromator

Dan Radu

President & Founder

The Marketing & Technology Guy

With a unique experience, Dan is a trusted advisor for companies looking to make better data-driven sales & marketing decisions.

Meet The Team

Gabriel Judele

Dir. of Strategy & Growth

Daniel Rusu

Dir. of Delivery & Execution

Carla Herrera

Dir. of Consulting Services

Gunni Rekhi

Director, Client Success

Alexandre Rodrigues

Client Services Manager

Martina Crepaz

Partner Mktg Advisor EMEA

Isna Abid

Partner Mktg Advisor EMEA

Carolina Justino

Partner Mktg Advisor LATAM

Danxi Huang

Partner Mktg Advisor APAC

Carmen Eremia

Partner Mktg Advisor DACH

Jordy Fujiwara

Digital Mktg Copywriting

Maciek Strzyz

Demand Gen Strategist

Liviu Breniuc

Data Operations

Bhavya Rumpal

Salesforce Administrator

Ciprian Ungureanu

Salesforce Consultant

Geo Puni

Marketing Specialist

Sophia Farina

Strategic Advisor
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