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Partner Marketing

Improve Your Partner Marketing

Partner Marketing Experts

Whether you’re launching a partner marketing strategy from the ground up, or wanting to get more out of your existing program, you’ve come to the right place. Macro’s team of Channel Marketing experts can help you elevate your channel marketing strategy.

Manage Partner Incentive Programs

Partner Incentive Programs can be a great way to motivate your partners to reach their goals. Whether you’re offering performance or activity based incentives, Macro can help your firm stay in touch with partners and prepare messages that clearly identify your incentive program objectives and requirements.

If you require a more in depth level of assistance, Macro has that covered too. Our team can help plan , execute, and measure your partner incentive program.

Generate Demand Together

With Macro by your side, we can be that extra hand to take our demand generation efforts to the next level. We can create high-quality, valuable content that communicates leadership as well as run multi-channel campaigns. To further push your demand generation initiatives along, Macro’s experts can help you with:

Content Syndication:

  • Leverage your chosen platform to generate leads for your partners using the power of web syndication.
  • Develop a wide variety of content, from emails to thought leadership articles.

PaidAds, Display Campaigns & Events

  • Ideate, create and implement paid & display campaigns
  • Identify/organize and participate in industry roundtables, workshops, webinars

Build Partner Business Plans

Building joint Business Plans is crucial part for your partner’s go-to-market strategy. Macro’s team of experts can:

  • Help build a Business plan for your partner
  • Ensure that your partner’s plan is aligned to your annual business plan
  • Help the partner execute the business plan and achieve its quarterly targets
  • Liaison with the stakeholders to help the partner execute the business plan

Streamline Your Market Development Funds (MDF)

A well funded marketing channel is an effective marketing channel, and Market Development Funds (MDF) are designed to do just that. They are funds designed to support your partner’s business objectives and goals and can go a long way towards helping them develop and grow their marketing and sales programs.

Avoid Known Pitfalls

One of the main issues with MDF funds however, is that many partners may meet the qualification requirements but don’t apply, resulting in unclaimed funds. This can be due to partners lacking the resources to plan proper submissions, or the result of them simply not having the resources to develop a good plan that is submission ready.

Leverage The Power Of ZINFI

ZINFI is an innovative, partner marketing platform that constantly builds on their technology to provide better solutions for businesses. If your firm is looking to transition to a cloud-based partner marketing platform like ZINFI, we can help.

If you’re already using ZINFI, our team specialists can help you achieve its full potential as a platform. ZINFI is also fully integrated with Salesforce, and we’ll show you how you can track your partner marketing and sales campaigns directly.

Learn more about our ZINFI Concierge Services.

MDF Application Consulting

Macro has developed a plan to assist your partners through the application process and encourage more submissions. We follow up with partners and help them submit plans that include MDF best practices. If you’re coming to us as a partner, our team of specialists help you:

  • Secure funding
  • Ensure timely claim reimbursement
  • Automate your funding process approval
  • Ensure transparency

Flexible Resources

Flexible resources

Dedicated Retainer

Our advisers help make your job easier on an ongoing basis. Adapting to your work style, we are a natural extension of your team for ongoing projects and campaigns. Use dedicated support for your marketing operations needs, so you’ll be able to focus on the larger marketing picture. Leave the details to us. Start your support now.


With this option, the length, scope and team for the assignment is as you request it. Use our resources to help speed up different projects and initiatives. Our highly skilled advisers come together to help you deliver your marketing objectives on time. See if this a fit for you.

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