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Cost-efficient and seamless global marketing operations experts.

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Target accounts, but speak to people.

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Create a solid foundation of understanding and leveraging your digital tools.

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Certified specialists for Salesforce solutions

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Marketo certified specialists

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ZINFI expertise to support your partner marketing platform.

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HubSpot specialists for your marketing needs

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Macro’s demand generation strategies.

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Account Based Marketing

Let’s run a pilot program together


Find the right ABM approach for you

There are many types of ABM, but let us find and run the right one for you. Do not jump on the bandwagon of shiny new tools without proven results—let us guide you.

Macro helps sort, segment and optimize tactics based on hard data such as Total Addressable Market, Ideal Customer Profile and account score. We bring together both sales and marketing leaders to identify the best accounts and appropriate strategies, prospects and leads.

Demand Generation Strategies

According to an ITSMA ABM survey, 84% of companies say ABM delivers higher ROI than for other types of marketing.

Let's run an ABM pilot program together

Here’s how we can help you. There are three distinguishing characteristics to a strong ABM program:

  • It’s data driven
  • The data is strictly managed by proven tools
  • Marketing and sales are equal partners from the outset

Each of these ideals can be intimidating in their own right, depending on your organization’s current situation. You cannot build an ABM program overnight!

Our pilot programs are designed to allow you to ease in to developing ABM practises without the need for company-wide overhauls. We help identify your biggest gaps, break them down into manageable pieces, and tackle them at a rate that aligns with your budget and appetite for change.

ABM combines: data and tech

If collecting or managing data is your biggest hurdle, we can help start you on the path towards true ABM with mini-projects such as:

  • Setting up marketing CRM and marketing automation: Data that lives only in spreadsheets, emails or word documents is data with untapped potential. Robust marketing CRMs leverage the power of specialized databases that can give your sales and marketing team superpowers—when implemented properly!

  • Establishing data-driven decisions: We can help you get comfortable with defining or managing hard metrics, such as Total Addressable Market (TAM) and closing rates. And/or we can focus on qualitative data, like developing your Ideal Customer Profile and assessing your prospects’ demand characteristics.

  • Analysis and optimization: Maybe you have the data and the platform, but struggle with what to make of it all. We’ll show you how to transform this mountain of ABM information into actionable insights.
Macro Marketing Database

ABM sales-marketing alignment

You can think of it as “Account Based Everything.” This challenge comes in many different flavours—maybe sales doesn’t have a list of Target Accounts but marketing does (or vice versa). Perhaps there are operational silos between the two.

Our approach to helping you solve this is to act as a temporary bridge or stand-in for the missing element. We train and teach sales mentalities to marketers, or marketing ideas to sales, and demonstrate the huge advantages that both can realize if they share the same outlooks, metrics, and data.

Accelerated, advanced ABM programs

A pilot may not be the speed you’re looking for. If you need ABM operations scaled up rapidly, or have the mandate to make a large organizational change in this direction, we have the team and resources available to tackle all three major areas simultaneously.

There are definite advantages to building all aspects of ABM at once, and you tend to get meaningful results quicker with a lockstep approach.
Strategic Teams

Custom ABM consultations for your needs

No matter your relationship with ABM—from total beginner to established practitioner, we’re happy to assist in improving your ABM operations.

Speak to a Macro advisor about the right ABM approach for you


Case Study

How Lead Nurturing
Improves Your Pipeline

The client runs a business English Language Learning service for Japanese professionals. They wanted to engage their prospects and asked Macro to develop and execute a lead nurturing email campaign to encourage known qualified leads to become sales qualified leads (SQLs).
Lead Nurturing Case Study

Learn Best Practices

B2B Prospecting for Your Target Audience

How to Target Your B2B Marketing Audiences Segmentations All prospects have characteristics that make them unique. By tracking these characteristics, your organization will be in a better position to segment your prospect list into groups based on similar traits. But all of that depends on how you segment your prospects in the first place. You […]

Sales and Marketing Alignment

A company’s sales and marketing teams often have a complex, sometimes contentious, relationship. On one hand, both sides realize that they need to work together in order to meet their demand and revenue goals.

Trusted by amazing marketing teams like yours.

  • Macro has been a great partner in filling in the operational and technical gaps of our marketing team as well as a great sounding board on new initiatives where we’ve needed a fresh set of eyes and ears. They’ve been a solid partner throughout.
    I’m particularly happy to have found a marketing partner that thinks through the digital marketing experience from the view of the customer and offers solutions with that in mind.

    Justyna McCaig 

    Senior Manager, Demand Generation at Swift Medical

    Macro does a great job of augmenting our internal Marketo team. They are proactive and add a lot of value to their projects. I recommend them without hesitation.

    Jeff Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer

    Dentist Advisors

    Macro team is such valuable marketing operations partners! Congrats on industry recognition.

    Jennifer Morimoto, Director of Marketing


Macro makes it easy for companies to grow and scale their operations. Creating alignment between sales, marketing and tech, our experts enable companies to make better data-driven decisions.