Global Marketing Concierge Teams

Expand your team with global skills and capacity

The Macro Global Marketing Concierge is an on-demand team of digital marketing experts. They are trained to plan and execute marketing campaigns, administer marketing automation platforms and ensure data stewardship—across multiple time zones and business regions.

How a Global Marketing Concierge Can Help

  • Execute your marketing strategy faster
  • Plan, run & measure marketing programs & campaigns
  • Fully use the power of marketing technologies & CRM
  • Enable your partners & channel
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Marketing advisors for your team and your partners

Marketing concierge teams meet the demands of modern marketing teams

The goal of our concierge team is to complement and augment your existing team. Flexibility is the core of our approach—we only bring in who we need, when you need it, so you’re not getting charged for expensive agency overhead.

Your current processes aren’t disrupted (unless your processes are what we’re working on). We’ll use your project management software, join your Slack, adapt to your timezone—many clients even have their concierge use their email domain (e.g.

Global capabilities
Because we’re global, we can also help you cover gaps across time zones or in specific markets that need a boost.

Challenges a Global Marketing Concierge Team can help solve

These are the most common reasons our clients bring on a concierge team:

1. You don’t have enough capacity to execute marketing programs & campaigns

The existing marketing team simply needs more help, but you’re not ready to hire more full-time resources. Because we’re focused on marketing execution using technology, even a part-time concierge resource can add a big speed boost to your deliverables.

Global Marketing Conceirge - Settings Image - Macromator

2. Your digital tools are not being used to their full potential

A common story goes like this: after months of careful vetting and deliberation, an enterprise marketing system like Hubspot or Marketo is rolled out. A team gets onboarded, but they’re not technology experts. Fast forward a few months, and only 15% of the features are being used, and they’re being used slowly.

Macro is a team of true tech, creative and marketing geeks—we love getting into the ‘advanced’ settings of any program. The concierge team can lend either dedicated or project-based resources to departments that need to unlock the full potential of their complex marketing tech stack.

3. You want to modernize your revenue stack

You don’t need to proportionally increase your team size in order to take on more projects.

Teams can execute additional campaigns with minimal incremental investment if—and only if—they have processes designed to take advantage of economies of scale. The right tech tools (and the right people to operate them) can get you there. The concierge team helps you source both.

Global Marketing - Revenue Stack - Macromator

4. You cannot support your global marketing initiative

It could be an expansion, culture confusion, language barriers, or simply frustration with time zones.

The concierge team is not only global, but unified in process and communications. Our folks in China interact with project managers in Spain who chat with technologists in Canada—on a daily basis. This cohesion and sharing of assets allows us to tackle problems anywhere on the globe without the red tape and hassle of international jurisdiction, culture conflicts or time zone fatigue.

5. You can’t analyze the impact of your marketing activities

Modern marketing success depends more and more on data every day. From precision ad targeting to sales funnel optimization, from domain authority analyses to cost per acquisition—it’s enough numbers and ratios and formulae to make your head spin.

We mentioned we were geeks, right? Our tech specialists live and breathe data, and they can help untangle data complexity for your business.

Learn what our Global Marketing Concierge can do for you

Marketing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

A global marketing team of outsourced agents can handle many tasks that consume too much of your team’s time.

Here is how marketing BPO can help. Example of time-consuming marketing processes that can be outsourced:

– List imports & processing
– Campaign execution
– Repetitive updates
– Monthly reporting

Extra hands and brains

We adapt to your operating style, take work off your plate, alleviate workloads, and let you tackle that backlog of marketing projects. We are there when you need us, and when you don’t need us, we scale down without a fuss or complaint. If this kind of on-demand arrangement sounds like a good fit, please shoot us a line!

Case Studies

How Macro Built a Global Concierge Team

The client sells customer experience and call center technology to medium and large businesses across several different industries. They wanted to generate more leads from their channels and needed to improve partner relationships relationships.

Macro helped the client by implementing of a Unified Channel Management platform over the course of two years for partners followed by the development of a global concierge team to strengthen Partner relationships. The results speak for themselves, with more than 80 partners engaged and 650+ Partner Registrations.


Tech Stacks We Work With

Can’t see your stack? We might still be able to help. Contact us to find out more.

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Case Study: How Macro Built a Global Concierge Team

Case Study: How Macro Built a Global Concierge Team

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Trusted by amazing marketing teams like yours.

Macro has been engaged with the redesigning of our Marketo/Salesforce integration this year. They were very creative in their approach to identify a solution and very consistent in their on-time delivery of the solution. We couldn’t have done it without the Macro team.

Rosalin Sales & Marketing Director

We love how Macro provides a one-stop-shop for marketing strategy, design and CRM work necessary to make all of our demand generation initiatives work. Thank you guys!

Robert CEO

It was great working with Dan and his team on marketing automation projects for our company. Dan helped us to set up and successfully migrate our entire B2B and B2C automated email programs along with our contact lists from Marketo to Act-On, and it’s been working flawless ever since. He was a brilliant trainer for everyone working with Marketo and Act-On!

Dasha Marketing Manager

The expertise provided by Macro team cannot be easily matched by other marketing consulting companies. We had disappointing experience using several big names in the industry until we finally found Dan Radu and his team. They were able to quickly start the engagement with us and always anticipated our needs many steps in advance. Most importantly, instead of simply providing fly by consulting they diligently documented all the processes and helped with training and the change management required.

Tom Demand Generation Director

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