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Empower your channel partners. Build a marketing and sales pipeline together.

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B2B campaigns powered by content and experiences that resonate in today’s modern world.

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Cost-efficient and seamless global marketing operations experts.

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Supercharge your online events and webinars in the new remote age.

Account Based Marketing

Target accounts, but speak to people.

MarTech Advisory & Training

Create a solid foundation of understanding and leveraging your digital tools.

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Certified specialists for Salesforce solutions

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Marketo certified specialists

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ZINFI expertise to support your partner marketing platform.

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Pardot certified specialists

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HubSpot specialists for your marketing needs

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Extend your marketing team.

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Deliver your message with the right content.

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Macro’s demand generation strategies.

Business Process Outsourcing

Eliminate marketing bottlenecks.

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Fine tuning and optimization of your marketing tech stack.

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Marketing Process Outsourcing

Eliminate manual work and bottlenecks


More Than Just Cost Savings

Macro experts work so you can operate successfully

Marketing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) offers our clients access to Macro’s innovative marketing automation expertise that they might not otherwise be able to hire in house. At Macro we constantly strive to improve our processes by adopting the most recent marketing technologies and demand generation practices.


How it works?

We advise marketing leaders to identify marketing functions and processes that can be outsourced. Then we evaluate if shifting that task to Macro’s team of marketing operations experts makes strategic sense for the organization. Companies we work with find better quality of work and more free to focus on strategy.


Marketing Business Process Outsourcing

A global marketing team of marketing operations experts can handle many tasks that consume too much of your team’s time. You’ll be happy to find out how marketing BPO can help. Examples of time-consuming marketing processes that can be easily tackled by Macro global experts are:

  • List imports & processing
  • Campaign execution
  • Repetitive updates
  • Monthly reporting
Attention to Process and Details

Why companies love working with Macro marketing operations experts:

Companies often come to Macro because we give them greater operational flexibility in their marketing. By outsourcing non-core, admin and marketing processes, companies can reallocate time and focus to marketing strategy. 

  • More flexibility: free your time so you can respond more quickly to your marketing demands
  • Focus on your competitive advantage: Macro acts as extra brains & hands in areas of data management, marketing automation management and process execution that may not be core to your business. This allows your in-house team to give more time and energy to your core competencies




  • Improved efficiency: Macro experts need to be on the forefront of new MarTech releases and process efficiency
  • Tap into our global scale advantage: Macro has a wider talent pool so you can use global capabilities
  • Peace of mind in 24/7 coverage: because of our globally distributed workforce, Macro can cover operational needs in any time zone, or at any hour of the day.

Find out if BPO services are right for you

Part of our approach involves a deep audit of your in-house capacity for marketing operations and automation. Before shifting any of that work to Macro, we make sure that such a move aligns with your strategy, vision and budget.

Speak with a Macro advisor and learn how to be more efficient


Case Study

How Lead Nurturing
Improves Your Pipeline

The client runs a business English Language Learning service for Japanese professionals. They wanted to engage their prospects and asked Macro to develop and execute a lead nurturing email campaign to encourage known qualified leads to become sales qualified leads (SQLs).
Lead Nurturing Case Study

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Learn Best Practices

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When creating an online presence, so many businesses simply throw their content up on a website or social media page and call it a day. After all, it’s digital – it can be changed.

7 Ways to Improve Your B2B Campaigns

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Trusted by amazing marketing teams like yours.

  • Macro has been a great partner in filling in the operational and technical gaps of our marketing team as well as a great sounding board on new initiatives where we’ve needed a fresh set of eyes and ears. They’ve been a solid partner throughout.
    I’m particularly happy to have found a marketing partner that thinks through the digital marketing experience from the view of the customer and offers solutions with that in mind.

    Justyna McCaig 

    Senior Manager, Demand Generation at Swift Medical

    Macro does a great job of augmenting our internal Marketo team. They are proactive and add a lot of value to their projects. I recommend them without hesitation.

    Jeff Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer

    Dentist Advisors

    Macro team is such valuable marketing operations partners! Congrats on industry recognition.

    Jennifer Morimoto, Director of Marketing


Macro makes it easy for companies to grow and scale their operations. Creating alignment between sales, marketing and tech, our experts enable companies to make better data-driven decisions.