B2B demand generation strategies

The Macro engagement process will help you define and optimize your B2B demand generation strategy to target, attract, convert, nurture and close business.

First, we’ll work with you to understand your high-level marketing objectives. Second, Macro will define a strategy and an implementation plan. As a result, we’ll align these objectives with the necessary day-to-day activities and marketing tactics needed to achieve them.

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The challenges of B2B demand generation

Clients come to us when they struggle with:

  • Connecting processes to revenue: your sales and marketing teams need common language and goals in order to efficiently manage a funnel
  • Selecting the right tech: too many organizations pick technology then build strategy around it. That is 100% backwards!
  • Prospect definition: should you target people or accounts? This is a major consideration that many fail to ever consider
  • Weak websites: your site should be a primary and powerful extension of your sales team
  • CRM inefficiency: the CRM is the heartbeat and single source of truth for demand generation. If it doesn’t run well, nothing runs well.

What you can achieve with Macro’s demand generation services

For each of the challenges above, getting it right can truly accelerate your business.

  • Measurable processes: when all key processes are connected to revenue, evaluating effectiveness and optimization become objective exercises, not guesswork
  • Tech that empowers vs burdens: technology shouldn’t be frustrating. It should feel like an invaluable tool that helps you do your job better.
  • Closing faster and more often: ring the bell! Properly defining and targeting prospects leads to better ratios and more wins.
  • Sell in your sleep: with a website that can handle heavy sales lifting, you can make money 24/7
  • Ecosystem insight and clarity: when your CRM is optimized, information and decision making flows so much easier

How Macro can help build your demand generation process

Our all encompassing approach moves through each of the challenges highlighted above, in order to ensure that your demand generation operations are best in class.

  1. Step 1: understand your marketing objectives
  2. Step 2: define a technology-agnostic strategy, then settle on the tech
  3. Step 3: create executional processes, such as prospect definitions, website sales funnels, CRM integrations, etc.

Optionally, we are also able to
train your team on the new processes. We can also help actually run the processes, either until you’re ready to take over or for as long as you need us to.

Learn how you can improve your demand generation with Macro’s expertise

Case Studies

How Macro Managed an Outsourced Demand Generation Center

The client provides financial services to health professionals who’s clients benefit from investment and financial advice relating to their practices. Their marketing strategy consists of both virtual and physical events.

Macro helped the client by successfully establishing a ‘Campaign Desk,’ – a fully outsourced marketing operations service focused on planning, executing, and measuring campaign results supporting the client’s marketing strategy. The results speak for themselves, with a 106% increase in clients reached and much more engagement experienced after Macro’s assistence.


Tech Stacks We Work With

Can’t see your stack? We might still be able to help. Contact us to find out more.

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Trusted by amazing marketing teams like yours.

Macro has been engaged with the redesigning of our Marketo/Salesforce integration this year. They were very creative in their approach to identify a solution and very consistent in their on-time delivery of the solution. We couldn’t have done it without the Macro team.

Rosalin Sales & Marketing Director

We love how Macro provides a one-stop-shop for marketing strategy, design and CRM work necessary to make all of our demand generation initiatives work. Thank you guys!

Robert CEO

It was great working with Dan and his team on marketing automation projects for our company. Dan helped us to set up and successfully migrate our entire B2B and B2C automated email programs along with our contact lists from Marketo to Act-On, and it’s been working flawless ever since. He was a brilliant trainer for everyone working with Marketo and Act-On!

Dasha Marketing Manager

The expertise provided by Macro team cannot be easily matched by other marketing consulting companies. We had disappointing experience using several big names in the industry until we finally found Dan Radu and his team. They were able to quickly start the engagement with us and always anticipated our needs many steps in advance. Most importantly, instead of simply providing fly by consulting they diligently documented all the processes and helped with training and the change management required.

Tom Demand Generation Director

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