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Advisory, audits, and health-checks for your marketing technology & data

There is no data-driven decision without clean data. Good data in means good decisions out, but bad data in does not help your company in any way.

Build your revenue stack: Select the right digital sales & marketing tools for your business and make sure the system stays running. Macro advisory services help you compare vendors and test your use cases.

Scale your business: As your marketing needs continue to grow, both your data and tools need to stay up-to-date in order to achieve revenue results. Think about it like this – if you were a farmer with 30% of your crops turning rotten each year, you’d definitely investigate and invest in resources to remedy the problem. So, why isn’t it the same with your marketing data?

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Data deduplication, cleaning and quality services

Twice isn’t nice. Bad data causes frustration and a lot of wasted time. Duplicates of the same person or company in your CRM data can appear when new data is imported, different parties merging their information, data entry or from your acquisition strategy.

Macro can help flush out the problems causing bad data in the sales pipeline, finding missing or old data, mistakes in data or data that’s incomplete. So you can continue to have faith in your marketing system, and continue generating revenue.

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Risks of bad marketing data

  • You don’t want to spend overhead on duplicates or bad data. And there’s definitely a cost to the hours needed to sift through the information.
  • Cluttered data can slow down your ability to generate effective strategies.
  • Bad data can affect sales decisions.
  • There’s also the lost costs of marketing to an individual who is no longer interested in your business – or the legal costs of spamming someone without the right permissions.
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What you can achieve with good marketing data:

  • Save money by eliminating underperforming campaigns.
  • Glean better insights from your MarTech and CRM.
  • Make true data-driven decisions.
  • Less frustration for your team.

We help to clean up your data, allowing you to mitigate these risks and to see your clients and prospects clearly, all while saving you money.

Make sure your data speak the same language

Doing business would be much harder if each memo had to be translated into a new language as it moved between departments. Just as it is in business, consistency means speed in the data world.

Standardizing marketing data across all tools & systems creates a single language for your data to respond to. Not only do marketing technologies connect when the same units are used, both sales & marketing are better able to collaborate to achieve revenue.

We will help you put a system in place to standardize all data as soon as it is received. Data comes in from many sources which are not always consistent. This creates problems when trying to combine lists to get an accurate picture of your leads. Standardizing your data across all lists allows you to search your database and make data-driven decisions faster.

MarTech best practices for ongoing success

We live in a world that changes constantly, but it can be a headache to try and overhaul and implement new MarTech solutions every time something new comes along.

With our deep experience in different platforms and integrations, Macro can help build a foundation your team will feel comfortable running.

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Learn what MarTech advisory and data operations can do for your business

Case Study

How Lead Nurturing
Improves Your Pipeline

The client runs a business English Language Learning service for Japanese professionals. They wanted to engage their prospects and asked Macro to develop and execute a lead nurturing email campaign to encourage known qualified leads to become sales qualified leads (SQLs).  


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Trusted by amazing marketing teams like yours.

Macro has been engaged with the redesigning of our Marketo/Salesforce integration this year. They were very creative in their approach to identify a solution and very consistent in their on-time delivery of the solution. We couldn’t have done it without the Macro team.

Rosalin Sales & Marketing Director

We love how Macro provides a one-stop-shop for marketing strategy, design and CRM work necessary to make all of our demand generation initiatives work. Thank you guys!

Robert CEO

It was great working with Dan and his team on marketing automation projects for our company. Dan helped us to set up and successfully migrate our entire B2B and B2C automated email programs along with our contact lists from Marketo to Act-On, and it’s been working flawless ever since. He was a brilliant trainer for everyone working with Marketo and Act-On!

Dasha Marketing Manager

The expertise provided by Macro team cannot be easily matched by other marketing consulting companies. We had disappointing experience using several big names in the industry until we finally found Dan Radu and his team. They were able to quickly start the engagement with us and always anticipated our needs many steps in advance. Most importantly, instead of simply providing fly by consulting they diligently documented all the processes and helped with training and the change management required.

Tom Demand Generation Director

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