Drive Revenue Through Your Channel With Partner Marketing Management

Macro helps both the vendor and its partners to run joined digital marketing campaigns for lead generation. B2B organizations selling through channels rely heavily on their partners to drive sales.

65% of organizations view partnerships as very important to their future according to HubSpot’s State of Partner Ops and Programs report.

Challenges faced by channel marketing teams

Companies trying to run partner marketing usually have several challenges 

  • Limited resources to service partners and execute co-marketing
  • Lack of visibility into channel partners marketing capability and capacity
  • Disconnect from the end consumer
  • Competition from other vendors also looking to use the partner for sales
  • Low adoption of the resources provided by the vendor

Partner Marketing Resources

40% Organizations have no employees working on partner operations. 50% have less than 1 employee.(State of Partner Ops and Programs, 2022)

On the other side of the relationship, the partners themselves can face issues:

  • Difficulty managing multiple vendors and suppliers
  • Limited resources or no internal expertise to run successful marketing campaigns
  • Marketing support provided by their vendors often don’t meet their needs or goals

In sum, there is often both a strategic and communications gap in the sales and marketing process. Bridging this gap is far from impossible—we do it through a Partner Marketing Management program.

How Macro Channel Marketing Agency Can Help

Our approach brings three unique strategic advantages to the table:

  1. Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) and Partner Marketing Management (PMM) Tech Expertise65% Organizations are using at least one partner tech system. 74% buyers report that integrations are important (State of Partner Ops and Programs, HubSpot)
  2. Global Resources: A concierge team ready to act as your crucial link with your partners offering localized support in the region. Regions we service:
    1. NA
    2. EMEA
    3. LATAM
    4. APAC
  3. Marketing Campaigns: key strategic advisory services and an execution team

The PMM platform empowers your partners to build a marketing and sales pipeline by leveraging vendor provided marketing assets, campaign tactics and leads. But alone, those assets are not enough if most partners lack the technical or strategic expertise to execute.

The second half of the equation is the Concierge Team. This is a flexible team of marketing experts who work with partners to run the local execution of your campaigns. Concierge teams can also play a role in developing the original campaigns for the vendor.

Another massive advantage the Concierge team brings is information sharing. Normally, your partner in southern Brazil has no time, desire or incentive to share their marketing results with your growing partner network in India. But with a unified layer of teammates handling global execution, data and learnings can disseminate throughout the entire partner ecosystem. 

How Global Resources Can Help You?

Five ways our concierge team can lead your organization to success:

1. Scale with your partners 

Our highly specialized Partner Marketing Concierge service can bring key capabilities to the partners that you co-market with. Our clients find our concierge is a key advantage in the channel

2. Optimize Marketing Development Funds (MDF)

Empower your partners to execute high-impact campaigns, using innovative digital marketing campaigns across different channels. Whether you want to run webinar programs or deploy a new content management strategy, the Macro team can help!

3. Generate More Marketing-Qualified Leads (MQLs)

Uncover additional opportunities by focusing on qualified leads only. Save time with the right process.

4. Align your channel strategy with your sales

Unite sales and marketing for your partners, by ensuring they are both fully aligned to your company’s sales process and all partner generated opportunities are tracked.

5. Drive demand generation from your channel

Develop and support co-marketing strategies that engage partners, and help them build focused marketing activities.

Partner Marketing Management Programs you can use right away 

Digital tactics often sit at the forefront of our program, as this technology allows for rapid deployment and scale across the world. Some of what our team can help with (for partners or you yourself) include:

Lead nurturing strategies

Also known as a multi-touch approach, these usually involve a series of touchpoints to end-customers over time. Your content, such as blogs, videos and infographic series, can be co-brandable and made available to hundreds of partners through an intuitive and searchable database.

Email marketing touchpoints

Managing, growing and communicating to email lists can be the backbone of many digital campaigns. With a complex partner network, the maintenance and organization of these lists can easily get out of hand. We make sure that doesn’t happen.

Event and webinar marketing programs

Turnkey, fully planned through digital events that can be easily co-branded and duplicated to fit local needs. Tied into multi-touch or email driven campaigns, webinars provide a way to reach and engage prospects in an increasingly digital world.

Social campaigns

Automated and scheduled social content works great for partners who struggle with what to share across social media. Social is great for awareness and staying top of mind. 

Paid media management

Link directly to key advertising servers within major consumer channels such as Google or Facebook to generate leads. Localization and optimization works at scale, as the Concierge team uses data from one region to inform best practices in another.

Content gates and resource centers 

Also known as microsites & landing page gates. Each call-to-action may be slightly different for optimization purposes, and then different again per touch, per region, per partner. Ideally, landing pages reflect each permutation of these touchpoints while retaining the vendor and partner branding needs. Our expertise ensures consistency where it’s needed and changes where appropriate.

Elevate Your Partner Marketing 

Final Thoughts on Channel Marketing

An effective partner management program will not only retain partner loyalty and trust, but also boost revenue  for both vendors and partners. The vendor scales its sales force by avoiding the costs of growing an internal team, and the partners save on product development and marketing expenditures.

Macro is the bridge between technology and an effective partner marketing program. Our Global Partner Marketing Concierge team operates the core tech while assisting partners that need the help. 

See how we built this service here. If your partner marketing efforts struggle with a lack of engagement, we will help revitalize and reenergize your campaigns.

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