Marketo & Salesforce Sync Health-Check

A comprehensive way to check how Marketo and Salesforce sync data and what issues you should check for

In this article you will learn how to troubleshoot the data syncing between Marketo and Salesforce.

Learn how your CRM and marketing automation platform can better operate in tandem. By taking a look under the hood, you will benefit from a solid review of your data flow between Marketo and Salesforce and you will discover opportunities for improvement and lean better ways.

How the Sync Works in a Nutshell

Marketo sync’s People records with Leads and Contacts in Salesforce. These are related to Accounts, Tasks, Opportunities and Custom Objects. Decide what is necessary to synch and make sure Marketo has the access required in Salesforce. Make sure your Custom Objects are turned on.

Check the Marketo - Salesforce Connector

In your Admin section you can check the Integration section for Salesforce and Sales Insights. Review the following:

  • Credentials and Integration user. We recommending using a general alias which everyone in the marketing operations team can check:
    • Important for access to Salesforce records
  • Field Management check the sync of specific fields
    • Pay particular attention to fields that map from Lead to Contact at conversion
    • Make sure you have rules around field updates from different sources. For example you wouldn’t want to update the Source or Status of someone who is already in the system
    • One field in Marketo can sync to both Lead and Contact
  • Score Values and how they are read in Salesforce
  • Synch Options including Activities sync
    • Do you want to synch Email Clicks and other interactions to Salesforce Activities? You have to be conscious of your API limit in Salesforce
  • Check which actions trigger Interesting Moments
  • API Configurations for SOAP and REST


Check Marketo Permission Rights in Salesforce

Marketo can only read data that Salesforce user privileges allows it to access. Make sure you check the user permissions for the sync user. At least the Marketing User checkbox must be enabled.


Pro Tip: You can block records from syncing between Marketo and Salesforce with a check-box field. Asks us how!

Check the Error Notifications

You can work off the error notifications log to troubleshoot red flags. You will see in the error details a description why certain fields are not syncing and for which records.


Check Marketo Custom Objects

Marketo can read records from Salesforce Custom Objects related to Leads, Contacts and Accounts. If you would like to check they are synced then they make sure they are turned on. Head over to your Salesforce Object Sync

Check How Marketo Pushes Leads to Salesforce

  • What triggers the sync? Should you synch all records imported or just certain sources?
  • Check the Flow steps, order of operations and assignment

Marketo Programs and Salesforce Campaigns

Many companies like to sync Marketo Programs with Salesforce Campaigns to measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Here are a few common practices:

  • Program Members and Salesforce Campaign Members synch fully
    • OR
  • Synch Success Only to Member Status Responded

Pro Tip: Be conscious of API limits in Salesforce to know the bandwidth you have

Run a Sync Diagnostic

Working with Marketo support you will be able to run more comprehensive diagnostic to understand which fields synch and at what time. You can pin down to specific campaigns that need to be investigated:


You will understand

  • Sync statistics such as new records created, updated or skipped
  • Smart list and report performance
  • Top modified fields by Salesforce
  • Batch and Trigger Campaign Activity per day

In Conclusion

Once you review all these points including connector, user privileges, sync flow steps, fields and custom objects you will have a better understanding of what issues are occurring. The Macro team is here to help so just reach out if you’d like a professional review to shave you time.

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