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Why Move To Marketo? Reasons To Migrate To Marketo

There are many reasons why you should use Marketo. Here are a few examples of how Marketo fits into current marketing technology stack:

  • Leader: Both Forrester and Gartner recognize Marketo as a Leader
  • Salesforce CRM Integration: best Salesforce Sales Cloud integration
  • Marketing operations scalability: Replicate campaigns easier using configurable templates for multiple channels
  • Simplify campaign creation: Clone templates
  • Workspaces and partitions help you keep everything separate
  • Reporting: Improved reporting and analytics in one platform
  • Better nurture campaigns: streams allow more flexibility and transitions
  • One source of truth: Marketo brings in more data for your records to better tailor your strategies and get to know your audience
  • LaunchPoint: a rich ecosystem of partners and marketing technologies that bring all your marketing data into your system of record
  • Fantastic peer-support for users, including the Marketing Nation community where users can share tips and tricks to get the most out of Marketo
  • Need more evidence? Read testimonials from real users on why they prefer Marketo


Migrate To Marketo In Three Easy Phases

Macro has simplified Maketo migration integration into three steps:

1. Define And Plan:

Any transition to a new platform starts with organizing and accessing your inventory and needs

  • Start by discovering what you’ll gain by moving to Marketo. In addition to new features, you can consolidate many of the tasks you rely on your marketing technology stack for
  • Schedule your migration date based on when your existing contract with a marketing automation platform ends
  • Transfer your existing data by answering these questions:
    • What marketing assets will you bring over?
    • Which activity history should you keep?
    • What reports are needed and who should use them?
    • What inventory will migrate and what form will it be in (files, lists, workflows, emails, landing pages, forms, etc)?
  • Using your new data
    • How will the new marketing insights look like? How will they be interpreted?
    • Which activity history should you keep?
    • Will you use this opportunity to create new creative for landing pages and email templates?

2. Replicate And Integrate:

Seamlessly incorporate your existing digital content into your Marketo workflows

  • Digital assets migration: Images, files, PDFs, email templates, landing page templates, forms
  • Creative design of emails and landing pages
  • Processes, workflows will become your new Smart Lists
  • Notifications and alerts: what should you continue? What should you keep?
  • CRM re-integration: opportunity to do better
  • Target lists and segments of your audience
  • How will Marketo work with your website?

3. Test And Train:

Ensure you and your team know how to use Marketo

  • Test your new landing pages with forms and autoresponders and see how the data appears in CRM
  • Train you during your first campaign launch
  • Review new reports for accuracy

Understand Your Critical Path

What can you migrate over before you even have access to Marketo? This tips will save you tons of time in your migration project. The Project Critical Path is an efficient way to assess all the tasks you need completed and calculate the amount of time you need to complete them.

Macro’s professional assistance works within a short timeline and ensures that all necessary tasks are completed; We do that successfully because we use the Critical Path method. You can This gives your team a schedule to refer to as they prepare for your migration to Marketo.

How Can We Help Migrate To Marketo?

In the first 30 days, we’ll help you with marketing set-up, CRM integration, technical set-up, project management and training. Macro guides you through the training until you’re as much Marketo mavens as we are. To do so, we:

  • An extra hand to help you transition to Marketo
  • Launch the first campaigns with you so you can get the hang of it
  • Create a campaign launch process for you to use
  • Prepare your templates to scale your operations
  • Help you evaluate your new marketing operations roles and responsibilities
  • Learn what the new information relevant to sales is
  • Empower you with Marketo Resources which allow you to be self-sufficient

CRM Services

Furthermore, we offer complementary expertise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems that are a part of Marketo integration. We work with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to ensure marketing operations stay aligned with your sales process. Macro can offer support in:

  • Tracking lead generation sources
  • Tracking your pipeline and marketing stages
  • Defining your data-driven buying personas
  • Managing your marketing activities and campaigns
  • Creating marketing reports and dashboards to track ROI
  • Improving your handover of leads to your sales
  • Assigning your new leads generated to the correct sales rep

How We Work

As part of our mission to make life easier and elevate your customer experience, Macro offers dedicated and project based resources that fill your capacity gaps, alleviate your workload, and help you deliver projects on time.

Dedicated Resources

Macro offers dedicated resources to help your team get their projects done on time. When you’re experiencing capacity gaps and looking to fill them, we have you covered. Our specialists examine your needs, and direct the appropriate expertise to help you reach your objectives.


Sometimes your capacity needs might be temporary and project-based. Macro offers resources on a per-project basis to help you finish your work, quicker. When your workload for a particular project is too much to handle and you’re worried about delivering on time, this is a good option.

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