Pardot Checklist For Your Campaigns

 Review our handy checklist that will guide you through all the steps you need to launch your Salesforce Pardot campaign successfully following best practices and helping you avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.  

We've included major items, such as:  

Use the Pardot Checklist we created for you as a reference. We would love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think.

Pardot Campaigns

  1. The campaign follows a naming convention
  2. The campaign is stored in the correct folder which also follows a naming convention
  3. The campaign is tagged correctly
  4. Cost is associated with the campaign (even if it's $0)
  5. An archieve date is set for campaign which will need to be archived


  1. The lists are stored in the correct folder with naming convention and folder structure
  2. Appropriate lists are used for targeted communications
  3. Appropriate suppresion lists are used to exclude those who shouldn't receive the communications
  4. You are using the correct static list
  5. You are using the correct dynamic list

Salesforce Campaigns

  1. The campaign has the correct member statuses
  2. The correct memeber status is defined as a "responded" success
  3. There is cost associated with the campaign (even if it's $0)
  4. The campaigns have a start and end date
  5. The campaigns are checked active
  6. The campaigns status is "in progress"


  1. Emails are stored in the correct folder with naming conventions and folder structure
  2. The email uses the correct Pardot Campaign
  3. The email is tagged correctly
  4. Appropriate Form, Reply-to and Subject Line are used
  5. Aprropriate CAN SPAM compliant or CASL footer is used
  6. Liftmus test is used to check how email renders on different devices and clients
  7. Text version is synched from HTML, cleaned up and tested
  8. Appropriate email template is used
  9. The correct variable tags are being used
  10. All asset links include proper tracking code
  11. Check if all links work, perform spell check and mobile optimization checkes

Marketing Assets

When it comes to your marketing assets like your forms, landing pages, or content files, make sure they are stored in the correct folder with the right naming convention and folder structure. Your marketing assets also have to tie into the correct Pardot campaign, and you have to take steps to ensure they are tagged correctly.  

Regarding completion actions, your email or forms have to be set up to change the Salesforce Campaign member status to an appropriate "responded status." Also, ensure they are set up to make any additional lead score changes that are required.   Lastly, make sure the appropriate template is used for landing pages and emails, the correct Variable Tags are used, and that all asset links include the proper tracking codes.  

Final housekeeping steps include making sure that the copy is spell checked, that all of the links work, and that the landing pages and emails are optimized for mobile.

Email Testing

Regarding email testing, there are a number of steps you can take to make sure your campaign launch goes smoothly.

Firstly, send a test to your internal test list, followed by individual emails. Remember that Variable Tags don't populate in test emails to individual emails.

Secondly, enable prospect preview to review personalization and how the Variable Tags work. Don't forget to check the HTML version and Plain Text version of your campaign, as well as test the unsubscribe link and preference center.

Test Your Marketing Campaign

These last confirmation steps ensure that you are able to test your campaign's functionality, and that you are a member in the correct Salesforce Campaign. This final checklist allows you to review your prospect activities and make sure you have the correct Lead Source.

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