When to Work with a Channel Marketing Agency

Many channel partners don’t have the resources or the skill sets to create go-to-market strategies on their own. In many cases, they lack a dedicated marketing team—often it is one or two people whose primary role is something else. A channel marketing agency can bridge this gap. 

The agency can operate in two key ways:

  1. Work with the vendor to define a strategy that can be easily adapted by partners,
  2. Work directly with partners using the vendor’s marketing development funds.  

An agency with partner marketing expertise can be a big relief to these partners, while providing marketing execution much more efficiently. This not only helps vendors keep their partners actively engaged in selling their solutions, but it can also rapidly improve ROI on go-to-market spend.

Top benefits of working with a channel partner marketing agency

  1. Extend your team’s capacity and reach more partners

Although some companies invest in building a partner marketing team in-house, they don’t typically have the bandwidth to work closely with their entire partner network. As a result, they end up dedicating their resources to assist a small list of selected partners. A channel marketing agency offers a team of partner advisors to help these companies reach more partners with untapped potential to drive revenue growth. 

  1. Expand your regional reach

Some vendors may find it difficult to reach partners in certain regions due to lack of staff or language barriers. When working with a channel partner agency, vendors have access to marketing professionals in different geographies that can communicate in multiple languages. They understand the unique local marketing needs and can help vendors reach partners in their own local language. 

  1. Develop GTM strategies and improve campaign effectiveness

When working with a channel marketing agency, vendors get access to a pool of expertise in diverse areas of marketing. They can provide more marketing support and guidance for their partner’s unique business needs. Agencies can help partners develop integrated content, messaging, and GTM strategies that are more aligned with the vendor’s objectives and goals.

  1. Scale your partner program at a lower cost

When working with a channel marketing agency vendors have the flexibility to scale their partner outreach and resources as needed at a lower cost. They can expand the partner network with small incremental effort. 

  1. Gain insights from the field market and improve your partner marketing offerings

Channel marketing agencies have experience working with vendors and partners and they can give you insights and ideas to drive more revenue from your channel.

  1. Offer technology support

When vendors work with channel marketing agencies they get access to experts on the main partner marketing platforms. Agencies can help vendors implement a new partner marketing platform from the ground up or help them migrate to a new one, they can also help them make better use of existing features, deploy campaigns in multiple languages more quickly as well as help them with the ongoing management of their platform. 

Why Macro?

Marco's team of global partner marketing experts can help vendors deliver the best Partner Marketing Experience using a variety of platforms such as ZINFI, Zift and Salesforce. 

Macro is a one-stop shop for all your channel partner marketing needs:

Concierge Services: 

Partner engagement, education and enablement, GTM planning and management, campaign creation and management, MDF consultancy and management.

Digital Marketing Services : 

We offer a wide range of digital marketing services: ABM campaigns, SEO, PPC, Content Strategy, Email Marketing, Web Design, Webinar Programs.

Portals & Platforms:

Consultation and Advice, Implementation, Workflow Creation, Design UX / UI, Content Creation, Content Management, Platform Migration, Portal Management, Partner Campaigns and Communication.

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