How ZiftONE Multi-Touch Campaigns Work and Why You Should Use Them

A multi-touch marketing campaign means communicating a progressive sequence of content pieces and offers with your target audience across a variety of marketing channels. Digitally, this usually means using a combination of email, social media, display ads, and web content for lead generation.

Properly executed multi-touch campaigns ensure consistency between messages in the customer journey. For example:

  • The social post or ad might increase awareness
  • The email delivers a call-to-action
  • The landing page converts a prospect into a lead

Well orchestrated multi-touch campaigns improve the volume and quality of leads, all while ensuring your brand is present in the channels your audience frequents.

Co-Brand ZiftONE Campaigns

ZiftONE campaigns can be co-created or passed on to channel partners as well. For complex vendor-partner relationships, the platform brings value by aligning everyone’s revenue goals.

A multi-touch campaign strategy is imperative for your partners. You may have several campaigns on the platform for each channel partner.

While ZiftONE makes the management and organization of these things simple, they do need to be properly planned to be effective.

A good multi-touch campaign strategy will:

  • Stem from a strong understanding of your joint target audience with the partner
  • Align each “touch” with a goal (e.g. drive traffic to a page)
  • Anticipate what measurements will be needed to optimize and determine success

Configuring a multi-touch campaign in ZiftONE

  1. Navigate to Partner Marketing > Campaigns
  2. Click Create New Campaign
  3. Provide the following information: Name, Display name, Description, Effective Date Begin, Effective Date End, Detailed Description, Tags, Partner Filters, Thumbnail, Language, Type
  4. The campaign now appears in your Campaigns list.
  5. Click Apply to save your changes and return to the campaign details view

ZiftONE allows you to add any kind of marketing tactic content, collateral program, or workflow to a campaign. These must have been previously created so that they will appear in the selection list.

  1. Navigate to Partner Marketing > Campaigns
  2. Select the name of the campaign you want to edit. The campaign details view will display.
  3. Click Add Content.
  4. In the Add Content screen, click Add for each item that you wish to include in this campaign. You can use the filters on the left side to restrict the list to desired assets. You can also click Remove to exclude any items from this campaign.
Campaign Demo
Campaign Demo

Measuring Multi-Touch Campaigns

ZiftONE provides an analytics suite for uncovering insight into who is engaging with your campaigns at both the individual and organizational level. Reports are available under the Analysis tab of the partner portal.

Analysis Overview
Analysis Overview

Reports in the portal can be filtered, so that channel partners only see the stats relevant to them. You can schedule reports to be emailed to you on a regular schedule. 

Use the report to inform your ROI evaluations, tactic performance, the number of leads generated and the collateral use by your contacts.

You can also adjust the settings of most reports to focus on specific timeframes and compare data sets.

Web Plug-Ins

Web plugins are among the most effective tactics for generating leads. Each campaign has different reports and contributing factors to their lead generation results, but web plugins and emails are widely used by partners to gather information. 

These plugins allow you or your partners to dynamically display content based on data about current website visitors. For example, a visitor may have expressed interest in a certain product two months ago, but never purchased. A web plugin could display a new whitepaper on the same topic, perhaps even tailored to the visitor’s industry (assuming you have created content to this effect).

You can drive traffic to web plugins via email, social media, paid media, or content syndication.

Zift Solutions Partnership Showcase
Zift Solutions Partnership Showcase

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