ZiftONE Product Updates - March 2023 

ZiftONE already boasts a comprehensive suite of partner and channel marketing tools, so we were thrilled to learn that more had been added.

Contact us to learn how our team of partner marketing experts can help you leverage these and other platform features to enhance your partner experience. 

2 new features you might want to check out:

1. Customer Objects

ZiftONE has introduced a new feature called Custom Objects that lets their customers collect and store partner data in one place. This feature is designed for channel partners managers who need to collect information from their partners. With Custom Objects, you can build custom forms and decide which fields to collect within them. You can also integrate the forms into your CRM, export them as a CSV, and use them for event registration, surveys, and more. The collected information can be viewed under the partner in Partner Explorer or in the Custom Object tab. ZiftONE Custom Objects offer transformative flexibility to collect and store partner-related information, making partner data management simple and easy.

Here are a few examples of how Custom Objects can be used:

  • Warranty Registration
  • Demo unit requests
  • Support cases
  • Case study approval
  • Getting accessory products from partners listed on a partner profile in partner locator

Contact us today to learn more about how ZiftONE Custom Objects can help your business.

2. Premium Instant Portal Translation

ZiftONE already offers 23 languages for translating menus and site structure associated with out-of-the-box features. But now, we're thrilled to announce the release of a premium version called Automatic Translations, which extends that functionality to text on portal pages - including on pages with customized HTML.

Third-party translation tools have evolved over the past few months, and AWS has launched a brand new auto-translate service that was plugged into the ZiftONE platform. It auto-translates text blocks and custom HTML blocks on custom pages. If you want to customize the translation given, an admin user can go in and override it. Once it’s turned on, partners can select their language of preference in the portal and it will instantly translate the page.

While there is a cost associated with the service, we believe that it's well worth it. This premium feature will enable you to deploy a multi-language partner program quickly and deliver a better user experience for your international partners. Please note that this feature does not support campaign translation. While machine translation tools are helpful, they can’t replace human translations - at least, not yet! Linguistic and cultural adjustments are necessary to help you communicate your brand and stay true to your global strategy.

Partner with a Global Channel Marketing Agency like Macro for guidance and translation services for your campaigns.

Choosing Macro as a ZiftONE Agency Partner

Tinkering with all these configurations and optimizing your rollout is what we love to do. Macro is a ZiftONE Strategic Partner, with deep expertise in managing multinational channel marketing programs. If you need extra hands and brains to help with your ZiftONE strategy, rollout, or execution, we’d love to chat.

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