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Whether you’re launching a partner marketing strategy from the ground up, or wanting to get more out of your existing channel, you’ve come to the right place. Help your partners and field reps with a variety of campaigns, content and strategies to accelerate revenue.

How a Unified Channel Marketing approach can help

We help your vendors and partners build a bridge between different processes, programs, and people. This approach, known as Unified Channel Marketing or UCM, promotes the smooth and effective operation of your teams, partners and campaigns.

There are three elements of UCM that address different challenges you may face.

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1. Reduce friction with your partners

Maybe you have 50 partners, but only a few participate in your programs. Or perhaps there’s a problem with partner churn. Or confusion and misunderstandings around allocated budgets.

These are all common issues, and they fall under an umbrella of services called Partner Relationship Management (PRM).

Our specialists can help on many fronts, helping you build strong bridges and mutually beneficial work ethic with your roster of vendors. Services include:

Reducing Friction - Macromator
  • Partner incentive programs: motivation to help your partners reach their goals
  • Joint business plans: align quarterly goals and visions with your partners
  • Market development fund management: applications, selection, approval, allocation—a fair and transparent process for which partners can access your budget and why

2. Improve adoption of your campaigns

A huge blocker for many channel strategies is the partners’ lack of marketing execution capacity. They may not have the resources, their “marketer” may also be their busy project manager, or the content from the vendor simply isn’t suitable for their strategy.

Helping design campaigns that flow from vendor to partner to the market is Partner Marketing Management. Here is how Macro can help:

Social Media Campaign - Macromator
  • On-demand channel marketing operations: assisting or taking over for partners who need help
  • Campaign strategies & playbooks: from content design to production, we help vendors create campaigns that get partners excited to execute
  • Demand generation tactics: helping to optimize lead generation and sales-marketing coordination so both you and your partners hit your KPIs

3. The last mile—sales struggles to close

Even if your campaigns and relationships are solid, converting leads into closed deals can still present a monumental challenge. Partner Sales Management (PSM) is all about reducing the cost of the close.

Partner Marketing Handshake - Macromator
  • CRM Tracking and Lead Management: using technology to automate where needed and improve information flow is critical to boosting sales performance
  • Marketing and sales alignment: these two departments cannot afford to work in silos in the digital age. We’ll show you how to unite them
  • Enablement: your data has many insights hidden within. We help your Sales team capture and understand it so they can close better

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Case Study

How Lead Nurturing
Improves Your Pipeline

The client runs a business English Language Learning service for Japanese professionals. They wanted to engage their prospects and asked Macro to develop and execute a lead nurturing email campaign to encourage known qualified leads to become sales qualified leads (SQLs).  


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Macro has been engaged with the redesigning of our Marketo/Salesforce integration this year. They were very creative in their approach to identify a solution and very consistent in their on-time delivery of the solution. We couldn’t have done it without the Macro team.

Rosalin Sales & Marketing Director

We love how Macro provides a one-stop-shop for marketing strategy, design and CRM work necessary to make all of our demand generation initiatives work. Thank you guys!

Robert CEO

It was great working with Dan and his team on marketing automation projects for our company. Dan helped us to set up and successfully migrate our entire B2B and B2C automated email programs along with our contact lists from Marketo to Act-On, and it’s been working flawless ever since. He was a brilliant trainer for everyone working with Marketo and Act-On!

Dasha Marketing Manager

The expertise provided by Macro team cannot be easily matched by other marketing consulting companies. We had disappointing experience using several big names in the industry until we finally found Dan Radu and his team. They were able to quickly start the engagement with us and always anticipated our needs many steps in advance. Most importantly, instead of simply providing fly by consulting they diligently documented all the processes and helped with training and the change management required.

Tom Demand Generation Director

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