MarTech advisory services

Technology advice that makes sense for your business


Macro’s expertise will help you avoid marketing technological confusion and gridlock that hold many organizations back. Plain, clean and clear marketing solutions that help you achieve efficient campaign execution and marketing revenue tracking. You want your technology to enable you, not to drag you down.

MarTech Solutions & Training

MarTech training for absolute beginners

Training is available in any format, either on-site, online or a combination of both.

  1. First, we will clarify the strategic direction of your organization’s marketing operations
  2. Afterwards, we cut through buzzwords and help you clearly define a solid business case for the tools you’ll need
  3. Finally, we will draw on our extensive experience to work with you to clearly establish objectives, KPIs implementation plans & training tracks
MarTech & CRM Stack

MarTech solutions for advanced use cases

  • Based on your objectives and KPIs (with an optional audit of your strategy), we will help you shortlist platforms, manage budgets and plan resourcing
  • Any legacy systems will be examined to determine if they should phased out, optimized or integrated into any new platforms
  • We will either help train your current staff, assist in securing new resources, and/or fill needed roles with full flexibility (scaling up or down as needed)
Attention to Process and Details
Learn About CRM Consulting

Instant scale for those that need to accelerate

If your tech stack is already well established, and you need either optimization, outside audit or simply more hands and brains to execute, we are ready scale with you.

Macro’s service model is based on supplying on-demand resources as you need them. Our experts do not necessarily take the work “out of the building,” but they can become temporary or seconded resources added directly to your team as needed.

Technology specific consulting & training

While our team is broadly versed in the full ecosystem of marketing technology platforms, we provide deep specialization in the following CRMs and partner marketing platforms:

MarTech & CRM Stack

Optimize your MarTech stack with a Macro advisor about Martech Implementation & Training


Case Study

How Macro Managed an Outsourced Demand Generation Center

The client provides financial services to health professionals who’s clients benefit from investment and financial advice relating to their practices. Their marketing strategy consists of both virtual and physical events.

Macro helped the client by successfully establishing a ‘Campaign Desk,’ – a fully outsourced marketing operations service focused on planning, executing, and measuring campaign results supporting the client’s marketing strategy. The results speak for themselves, with a 106% increase in clients reached and much more engagement experienced after Macro’s assistence.
Marketing Operations_Case Study

Tech Stacks We Work With

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Learn Best Practices

How Marketing Operations can lead the change management

The adoption of Marketing Technologies (MarTech) including Marketing Automation Platforms (MAP) such as Marketo, Pardot, HubSpot or Eloqua is transforming marketing organizations today. These marketing systems support a demand generation strategy or revenue marketing but making everything work requires a lot of change management effort.

Magical MarTech Experiences

Recently, Scott Brinker posted this graphic and said, “I’m fascinated by supposed dichotomies in marketing and martech. How do you create a marketing org that is both automated and human?” As marketing technology experts, we can’t simply wonder about how this balance between automation and humanity works—we need to live it, sell it, and teach it in order to survive!

Trusted by amazing marketing teams like yours

Macro has been a great partner in filling in the operational and technical gaps of our marketing team as well as a great sounding board on new initiatives where we’ve needed a fresh set of eyes and ears. They’ve been a solid partner throughout.
I’m particularly happy to have found a marketing partner that thinks through the digital marketing experience from the view of the customer and offers solutions with that in mind.

Senior Manager, Demand Generation at Swift Medical
Swift Medical

Working with Macromator has been a great experience from day one, they have augmented our knowledge in the PRM domain significantly, and provided strong and flexible technical support. I strongly recommend engaging with Macromator, if you are looking to build or expand your corporate PRM capabilities.

Digital Strategy Consultant

The team at Macro has quickly become a part of our team at Atlassian. I continue to be impressed with the care they give to all of the questions and concerns from our Solution Partners. They push to build lasting relationships with partners and help them in many ways to grow as a company even if it means doing things outside of their goals. They provide quality marketing consulting and I enjoy working with them because of the sincere effort they put in.

Senior Channel Marketing Manager
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