Unified Channel Management


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What is Unified Channel Management?

Unified Channel Management (UCM) allows vendors utilizing different challenges to take a combined approach to channel management, by bringing together programs, people, business process automation processes and partners to put together an optimized global channel.


Helping You Leverage ZINFI to Its Full Capabilities

Partner Marketing Campaigns 

We help you generate demand and run your campaigns more effectively by developing a variety of content for partners to utilIze.
We ensure optimal campaign performance by helping partners accurately measure campaign results and implement improvements.  

Content & Design 

Our experts will help you create an engaging partner portal that can be utilized to organize channel programs rapidly.
Your partners will save time by finding programs that they qualify for.

Technical Expertise 

Macro’s team will help you elevate your recruitment efforts, bringing more partners into the fold.
We’ll also help you with partner outreach campaigns, driving new efforts to improve communication with existing partners. 

Training & Enablement 

Our specialists stand ready to help your partners gain technical and strategic expertise.
We'll help them import documents and videos that can be utilized to train your partners in different ways.

Management of Market Development Funds (MDF)

We help your partners improve their sales performance by managing their market development funds (MDFs).
Macro’s experts will collaborate with them to review their plans before they get approved. 

Introducing Macro Unified Channel Management (UCM) Services

As part of our Partner Marketing services, our approach to helping clients with their UCM strategy involves ensuring that vendors and partners know how to build a bridge between different processes, programs, and people - to guarantee that teams are performing effectively and campaigns are running smoothly. 

Partner Relationship Management (PRM)

Increase your partner performance with our Partner Relationship Management Services. Macro’s specialists will work with your partners to improve their campaigns as effectively and efficiently as possible. Our guidance ensures that both the vendor and partner see results, fast. 



Partner Marketing Management (PMM)

As part of our partner Marketing Management Services, our experts will work with your partners to through enhancing their content and improving their pipeline, making sure they’re extending their reach, generating more demand, meeting their targets and ultimately, driving growth. 




Partner Sales Management (PSM)

In order for partners to reach their targets, they need to be trained and empowered with the latest tools and technologies that hitting their goals easier. Macro’s experts will ensure that your partners know how to leverage the latest tools and methods to drive more sales.



How We Helped a Tech Vendor Improve Partner Relationships 

Partner Marketing - A Macro Case Study

Partner Marketing Strategies

For more information about our partner marketing services, see our infographic to take look at 5 partner marketing strategies our experts can help you implement. 

  • Aligning Business Plans
  • Enabling Partners
  • Dedicating Channel Managers
  • Managing Marketing Development Funds
  • Successful Partner - Vendor Relationships


As part of our mission to make life easier and elevate your customer experience, Macro offers dedicated and project based resources that fill your capacity gaps, alleviate your workload, and help you deliver projects on time.

Dedicated Resources

Macro offers dedicated resources to help your team get their projects done on time. When you’re experiencing capacity gaps and looking to fill them, we have you covered. Our specialists examine your needs, and direct the appropriate expertise to help you reach your objectives.


Sometimes your capacity needs might be temporary and project-based. Macro offers resources on a per-project basis to help you finish your work, quicker. When your workload for a particular project is too much to handle and you’re worried about delivering on time, this is a good option.

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